NBA 2K20 Archetypes – How To Get The Best Player

Apart from competing against artificial intelligence, players in NBA 2K20 will also compete as unique individuals. When dealing with five on five games, you will need to determine what works for you. Archetypes were introduced in NBA 2K20 to give players a game where they can use their skills, rather than known players’ skills.

Simply put, when there is no artificial intelligence used, the playing capabilities are strictly defined by skill and experience – nothing else. Now, what else should you know about NBA 2K20 archetypes?

Understanding NBA 2K20 archetypes and their characteristics

There are more positions you can use in NBA 2K20. No matter which archetype you use, each position has some specific characteristics that you simply cannot change:

·         Center – 7’1” and 260 pounds

·         Point guard – 6’4” and 195 pounds

·         Small forward – 6’8” and 230 pounds

·         Power forward – 6’11” and 240 pounds

·         Shooting guard – 6’6” and 210 pounds

Each position has five different archetypes to choose from, so you basically get 25 different archetypes. Obviously, the customization can go in very small details, so you can create the ideal player to complement your skills and capabilities. Throw in some badges as well and the customization will go even further.

Some of the most popular NBA 2K20 archetypes these days include:

·         Center – Pure Glass Cleaner and Pure Rim Protector

·         Point guard – Sharpshooting Playmaker and Shot Creating Slasher

·         Small forward – Pure Lockdown Defender and Two Way Sharpshooter

·         Power forward – Sharpshooting Rebounder and Two Way Athletic Finisher

·         Shooting guard – Pure Sharpshooter and Two Way Slasher

Coming up with your own NBA 2K20 archetypes

Make sure you never finalize your build before actually testing it out. Go for a scrimmage game and give it a try. Can it match your skills and strengths?

It is worth noting that attributes will increase if you work on the rating right before the test. You can easily fix bad builds.

Take a look at the Builder test too. It will give you some hints about your new player’s full potential, so you know precisely what to expect.

Going to MyCareer and other modes, you are supposed to gain experience and fame as you build your way up. Go for the test to understand what you will have to face if you stick to your current build.

Builds and attributes in NBA 2K20 archetypes

It is worth noting that while you have some startup characteristics as you go build your player, everything can be adjusted. You can also work on the body type, weight and height, not to mention badge combos, wingspan, dribbling moves and others.

The game is no longer involved in defining NBA 2K20 archetypes – it is entirely up to you to start from scratch and design the perfect player. Different options bring in different results too. For instance, if your finisher attributes are low, you will not get too many dunk animations.

In conclusion, NBA 2K20 archetypes are extremely unique and unless you follow someone’s recommendations or advice, chances are you will end up with a unique player and extremely specific skills.​

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