Splitting The Best NBA 2K20 Center Builds In The Game

best center builds 2k20

Deciding on the best NBA 2K20 center builds is not that hard. You do have a few good options, but more importantly, it is worth noting that this idea is often overlooked. Many players focus on other positions and builds (such as the point guard build, the shooting guard build or the small attacker build), yet this one gives you a good advantage on the court.

Boosting the stretch five

The stretch five build has a simple purpose in NBA 2K20. You will stretch the floor and make some quality shots as well. While this position has not been so popular in other versions of the game (at least not compared to the power forward build), lots of people turn to it these days. All in all, you will need skill breakdown #5, physical profile #1, agility and shooting.

The physical attributes target the weight and wingspan:

  • Weighs – 275 pounds
  • Height – 6’11”
  • Wingspan – 83 inches

When it comes to the Takeover, opt for the Spot-Up Shooter.

The potential makes a lot of sense in this build. Go for maximum when it comes to shooting – level 84 for the three point shot and level 87 for the middle range. Defensive stats should also be maximized – you want to succeed everywhere on the court, right? As for the extras, go for shot close, post hook and standing dunk.

There are not less than 42 badges (some of them available from the Neighborhood) for this build. Here are the main ones:

  • HOF badges – Deadeye, Quick Draw, Slippery Off Ball, Catch N Shoot, Pick N Popper, Range Extender, Green Machine
  • Gold badges – Rim Protector, Brick Wall, Post Move Lockdown
  • Silver badges – Flexible Release
  • Bronze badges – Tear Dropper, Quick First Step

Discussing the Chamberlain center build

The Wilt Chamberlain center build will give you a super player with similar attributes. What do you get out of it? You have top rebounding, great rim protection and even the possibility to score at times. It makes a balanced player – you will not score 50 points a game, but you will maintain balance within your team. It is the glue that keeps everyone stuck together.

When it comes to the skill breakdown, choose the defense or rebounding and finishing. The physical profile goes for vertical, strength and agility in a perfect balance. Maximize everything in terms of finishing and go for post fade in shooting.

Some of the numbers you must get include:

  • Interior defense – 86
  • Block – 82
  • Ball handle – 43

Maximize the following – post moves, lateral defense, defensive rebound and offensive rebound.

Here are the numbers for physical attributes:

  • Weight – 254 pounds
  • Height – 7’1”
  • Wingspan – Maximum

You will have a decent amount of badges too, yet you might have to spend some VC:

  • HOF badges – Box, Intimidator, Rim Protector, Brick Wall, Rebound Chaser, Backdown Punisher, Deep Hooks, Contact Finisher, Lob City Finisher, Dropstepper
  • Silver badges – Post Move Lockdown, Pick & Roller
  • Bronze badges – Deep Fades, Post Spin Technician

The right build is a matter of team style and personal preferences. The stretch five build is slowly turning from an unused build to an overused one. The Chamberlain build is more balanced though, so it might be a better addition to your team.

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