Disclosing The Best NBA 2K20 Point Guard Build

NBA-2K20 point guard build

Creating a super player is probably every NBA 2K20 player’s dream. As the game is fully available now, players rush to start MyCareer, come up with the best builds and dominate their opposition. Given some upgrades and changes, finding the perfect combo can be a bit tricky though, especially as you get to build a player, then visit the Neighborhood for extras and spend some VC.

Luckily, there are quite a few nice discoveries if you explore. Choosing the best NBA 2K20 point guard build involves going offensive. Sure, you can opt for balance, but chances are you will end up in mediocrity.

So, what are the best point guard builds out there?

NBA 2k20 center builds

Discovering the playmaking shot creator

This could be the best NBA 2K20 point guard build if you are after the offense and flexibility. The skill is based on shooting and playmaking and is all about agility. Unsure about the physical profile? Go for the first one. In terms of physical attributes, you can go for the following numbers:

  • Weight – 175 pounds
  • Height – 6’5”
  • Wingspan – 77 inches

As for the Takeover, opt for Spot Up Shooter.

Now that you have the basics, how do you set the potential? The potential for this build is about playmaking and shooting capabilities. All of them should be maximized for a top notch efficiency. Plus, this idea allows 22 or 23 badges for each of these skills. Follow the following attributes for a balanced build:

  • 88 three point rating
  • 87 mid range rating
  • 87 ball handling

Maximize skills like steal, defensive rebound, perimeter defense, block and lateral quickness for defense. You will not be a top defender, but you can deal with pretty much everyone.

Badges are critical for a successful build. Choosing the wrong one can turn an elite player into a junior amateur. Here is what you need:

  • HOF badges – Quick First Step, Ankle Breaker, Difficult Shots, Dimer, Deadeye, Range Extender, Space Creator, Flexible Release, Quick Draw, Handles For Days
  • Gold badges – Intimidator, Tight Handles, Tireless Defender, Clamps
  • Silver badges – Volume Shooter
  • Bronze badges – Showtime
nba 2k20 builds

Creating the two way three level facilitator

The two way three level facilitator could be the best NBA 2K20 point guard build if you play your cards right. The first step involves choosing the right features – agility, physical profile #1, shooting and defending #7.

Physical skills are often confusing for new players, but here is what you need for this build:

  • Weight – 175 pounds
  • Height – 6’5”
  • Wingspan – 77 inches

When it comes to the Takeover, choose the Spot Up Shooter.

If you like balance and the ability to do everything at a good rate (not excellent), this build is for you. You need to maximize attributes like driving dunk, close shot, layup and shooting. Pass accuracy is in the same range, not to mention ball handling.

When it comes to defense, focus on lateral quickness, perimeter defense and steal. Defensive rebounding could do with an upgrade too, but do not max it – 66 only.

You will get 53 upgrades and plenty of badges:

  • HOF badges – Steady Shooter, Pick Pocket, Deadeye, Intimidator, Range Extender, Clamps
  • Gold badges – Dimer, Unpluckable, Lightning Reflexes, Catch N Shoot, Quick First Step, Pick Dodger, Quick Draw
  • Silver badges – Giant Slayer, Relentless Finisher, Contact Finisher
  • Bronze badges – Heart Crusher, Handles For Days

Choosing the best NBA 2K20 point guard build is entirely up to you. The build is considered to be better than shooting guard build or the centre build, but not always as efficient as the power forward build or the small forward build. The play making shot creator is a mean machine and probably the best option if you are aggressive. The second one is more balanced and allows you to be better than average at everything, but without being excellent at something in particular.

Meanwhile you can also explore our guide on best small forward build in NBA 2k20 if you are considering to dominate this position as well.

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