NBA 2K20 MyPlayer Explained For Newbies

NBA 2K20 MyPlayer is the season long mode allowing gamers to be a part of the community, compete against each other and with each other. Games are held in the MyPlayer Nation, which plays through the NBA schedule.

This mode brings in a plethora of rewards. For example, you can team up with Nike and gain access to exclusive kicks – not just in the game, but also in real life. All in all, the list of rewards goes on, but before getting there, you need to understand how NBA 2K20 MyPlayer works and what you can do to win.

Badges or attribute points

There are two general objectives when working on MyPlayer. Practically, you can go in two directions. One of them involves going for badges. You can experiment various combinations based on the player’s physical characteristics and skills, so you gain access to a bunch of special abilities.

The other direction involves going for attribute points. There are a few caps based on the player type.

The general idea is that going in two directions simultaneously will give you a mediocre player who can do a bit of everything. Choosing one direction will bring in a top player with exquisite qualities.

Pie charts and limitations

The pie chart feature is definitely interesting, but it comes with some limitations. While everyone dreams about creating a player that replicates their favorite NBA star, this is not the case.

From this point of view, it is imperative to figure out what you want the NBA 2K20 MyPlayer to be good at. Once you got this aspect covered, you can go through the pie charts to figure out how to get as good as possible.

Defenders and slashers

Slashers require some extra attention when considering NBA 2K20 MyPlayer. Such traits among the main qualities bring in some limitations in terms of shooting. Obviously, this aspect is all about maintaining a balance in game.

Defenders might be a better option because they are overpowered these days. While the 2019 version of the game brought them lots of power, they still have plenty of it in 2020.

Two skills only

It would be ideal to have enough power to create a player who can rock at everything, but this is not possible. Instead, focus on two areas only and you will create a superman. There is no other way to be able to maximize caps.

Useless badges

Some badges might look appealing at first, but they are not that handy for your specific position. If you are a wing player hunting jump shot opportunities, the Range Extender badge will be completely useless – just to give you an example. As a short final conclusion, NBA 2K20 MyPlayer brings in lots of experimentation, but at the same time, there are a few general rules that everyone should follow for a good start. Creating a top player can be challenging, but the good news is you can practice along and try out various layouts before making a final decision.

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