​Disclosing The Best NBA 2K20 Badges You Can Get For A Dream Team

Interested in dominating NBA 2K20? While you can get pretty far without paying attention to small details, a few tips and tricks can help you take this adventure even further. Finding the best NBA 2K20 badges is the ultimate way to become a world renowned legend.

Badges come with badge points, which you earn in a few different ways – most commonly, by winning. Badges can be classified in a few big categories – finishing, shooting, playmaking and rebounding. For each category, you have a few different badges that can push your team.

Now, which are the best NBA 2K20 badges and which ones can be overlooked?

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Finishing badges in NBA 2K20

The Contact Finisher badge is one of the leading finishing options in NBA 2K20. This badge boosts your capability to turn dunks into points. Slashers are more likely to benefit from this badge, yet dunkers will also provide a better show. James Harden is the best player to benefit from this badge.

The Acrobat badge is not to be overlooked either. It is excellent for complicated layups, such as hop step, cradle or spin. It is a must if layups are your priority. The best players to get a significant boost from this badge? James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

The Relentless Finisher badge keeps your players in good physical condition by losing less energy during contacts. Shaquille O’Neal is your best bet for this badge.

Do not overlook Fancy Footwork either. It helps your team beat defenders with spectacular dunks, especially James Harden. As for the Slithery Finisher badge, players will avoid contact in a more efficient way when they attack the rim. You will notice a significant improvement in Kyrie Irving.

Other finishing badges include:

  • Breakdown Finisher – Shaquille O’Neal
  • Consistent Finisher – Kyrie Irving
  • Cross-Key Scorer – Kyrie Irving
  • Deep Hooks – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Dropstepper – Tim Duncan
  • Fastbreak Finisher – Prime Derrick Rose
  • Giant Slayer – Prime Tony Parker
  • Lob City Finisher – Prime Blake Griffin
  • Pick & Roller – Clint Capela
  • Pro Touch – LeBron James
  • Putback Boss – Andre Drummond
  • Showtime – Donovan Mitchell
  • Tear Dropper – Prime Chris Paul

Whether you are interested in a point guard build, shooting guard build, power forward build or small forward build, these badges will kick in handy. They will also help in center builds. Practically, more badges will add to build efficiency.

Shooting badges in NBA 2K20

When it comes to shooting, there are three badges that will change everything. The Flexible Release badge minimizes the penalty associated with mistimed jumps – ideal for Steph Curry. The Green Machine badge boosts the bonuses coming with consecutive releases, it is great for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

The last one in this segment is Quick Draw badge. It is just as important, as it improves the release of a jumping shot. A high level will increase the speed needed to release these shots. Steph Curry is the main beneficiary of this badge.

shooting badges NBA 2k20

Other shooting badges include:

  • Difficult Shots – James Harden
  • Deadeye – Kevin DurantCatch & Shoot – Klay Thompson
  • Clutch Shooter – Damian Lillard
  • Corner Specialist – Joe Harris
  • Deep Fades – Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan
  • Hot Start – Kevin Durant
  • Hot Zone Hunter – Joe Harris
  • Ice In Vains – Damian Lillard
  • Pick & Popper – Kevin Love
  • Pump Fake Maestro – Charles Barkley
  • Range Extender – Steph Curry
  • Slippery Off-Ball – Steph Curry
  • Steady Shooter – Joe Harris
  • Tireless Shooter – Steph Curry
  • Volume Shooter – James Harden

Playmaking badges in NBA 2K20

Playmaking is all about teamwork. The Unpluckable badge is your priority in this category, it kills the chance of getting stripped by opposite defenders.

Kyrie Irving will show a great upgrade. Magic Johnson and John Stockton will be better with the Floor General badge, which means the whole team gets better attacking attributes when these players are on the floor. As for the Space Creator badge, James Harden will be able to create lots of space from opposite defenders. This is your top player if you get this badge.

playmaking badges NBA 2k20

Other playmaking badges are just as handy, but make sure you get the right players for them:

  • Dimer – Chris Paul
  • Quick First Step – Grant Hill
  • Ankle Breaker – James Harden
  • Ball Out – Prime Derrick Rose
  • Break Starter – Kevin Love
  • Downhill – Prime Derrick Rose
  • Dream Shake – Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Flashy Passer – Jason Williams
  • Handles For Days – Kyrie Irving
  • Lob City Passer – Chris Paul
  • Needle Threader – Magic Johnson
  • Pass Fake Maestro – Magic Johnson
  • Post Spin Technician – Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Stop & Go – Kyrie Irving
  • Tight Handles – Kyrie Irving

Rebounding badges in NBA 2K20

Rebounding badges are great in defense. While there are plenty of them, four badges stand out in the crowd and can classify among the best NBA 2K20 badges. The Intimidator makes offensive attacker miss more shots. It is a must. Can you guess best players for this badge? Ron Artest and Charle Oakley, you guessed it correct.

The Clamps badge is just as important, as it improves your defenders’ positioning in front of ball handlers. You need Kawhi Leonard for maximum efficiency then. Do not overlook the Pick Dodger either – the ability to go through screens on defense and ideal for Paul George.

As for the Tireless Defender badge, your players will maintain their stamina while in defense. You will notice a great improvement in Steph Curry. You might need some VC to get him though – whether you go through the Neighborhood or grab daily bonuses.

NBA 2k20 defense badges

There are more badges in this category though:

  • Box – Dennis Rodman
  • Brick Wall – Marc Gasol
  • Chase Down Artist – LeBron James
  • Heart Crusher – Rudy Gobert
  • Interceptor – Kawhi Leonard
  • Lightning Reflexes – Kawhi Leonard
  • Moving Truck – Aron Baynes
  • Off-Ball Pest – Scottie Pippen
  • Pick Pocket – Chris Paul
  • Pogo Stick – Mitchell Robinson
  • Post Move Lockdown – Charles Oakley
  • Rebound Chaser – Dennis Rodman
  • Rim Protector – Rudy Gobert
  • Trapper – Mitchell Robinson
  • Worm – Dennis Rodman

These are the best NBA 2K20 badges, as well as the other badges you can get in the game. While each of them has a role, some of them seem to be more efficient than others. Knowing which players perform better with certain badges can also help you create a dream team and come up with an efficient strategy.

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