​NBA 2K20 Neighborhood Guide – Every Building and Facility Explained

In the 2K20 version of the game, you will reach the Neighborhood with a few conditions –
complete the Prelude mode, then sign up for a team. Once you get these done, you will be able
to explore the surroundings.

Moreover, this area will give you access to some Virtual Currency, as well as the
possibility to upgrade badges for all the builds (point guard, center, shooting guard, small
forward and power forward). So, what is new in NBA 2K20 Neighborhood guide? Do not forget, you need VC’s for accessing a NBA 2k feature, check out the working locker codes for NBA 2k20 before getting to know much about neighbourhood.


This is where you start. You can watch the game on a flat screen or shoot hoops. You can
change small bits here and there, as the court can be customized which includes ball colors, backboards and
murals. The more levels you gain, the more activities you can unlock in there. Overall, this is the
best place to hang out with friends in the game.

Neighbourhood in NBA 2k20

NBA Store

The store allows you to buy various stuff to improve your player’s aesthetics. You will need VC
to buy stuff. Check the store every once in a while, as new stuff pops up as you level up. Some
of the things you can buy there include pants, shirts, jerseys, accessories, hats, watches and
special gear. Special products are changed weekly.

Doc’s Barber Shop

Doc’s Barber Shop is close to the NBA store. This is where you go if you need a new hairstyle.
There are plenty of options to choose from. More levels provide more opportunities, such as
the option to dye your player’s hair.

The Paint

The Paint is all about tattoos. Interested in upgrading your player with some cool tattoos? This
is the place. You can do it with VC. You can only tattoo a few areas, but more levels will
introduce you to more body areas.


Wheels just could not miss from the NBA 2K20 Neighborhood guide. It is all about
transportation – again, more levels imply more options. Unlike other stores, this one also takes
the Rep Level into consideration.

Swag’s Main Street Clothing

If the NBA Store is not interesting enough for you, this is your other option. You have more stuff
to purchase and it is not necessarily NBA related – clothes, accessories, hoodies, jewelry and so

on. Swag like jewelry will require higher levels though. You can also get glasses, hats and
various equipment.

MyTeam Building

The MyTeam Building will take you to the MyTeam mode. There are no differences between
accessing it here and accessing it through the main menu. It is only a shortcut.

2K Shoes

  • In the previous version, 2K Shoes was practically Footlocker. The shop is at the end of the road.
  • You will mostly find shoes in here – both for your games and street wear. Some of the top brands to find in there include Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas and Converse, among many others.

While these are the top options in the Neighborhood, there are more places to visit and take advantage of:

  • Neighborhood Events – billboards with events and various competitions
  • Pro-Am Team Arena – join and compete in the Pro-Am league
  • Boost Stand – a small shop for temporary boosts
  • The Cages – an arena to challenge and compete against other teams
  • Ante Up Building – games to earn more VC
  • Daily Spin Room – a daily wheel to spin and win various items
  • The Rec – get in and play against other players
  • Gatorade Training Facility – a gym to raise your level
  • Team Training Facility – various drills to upgrade badges
  • VC Sports Management – agent related stuff

The Neighborhood in NBA 2K20 is more diversified than ever and can kill lots of time
when out of ideas.​

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