Coming Up With The Best NBA 2K20 Shooting Guard Build – Any Good Options?

best NBA 2k20 shooting guard build

Finding the best NBA 2K20 shooting guard build is critical for the success of your team. This is one of the most offensive positions in the game – along with the power forward build and the small forward build. When it comes to real life, think Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. But then, what kind of build do you need to achieve such greatness in NBA 2K20? Here are your best options.

You can also go through our point guard build guide if you want to dominate this position as well.

Considering the three level scorer

The three level scorer build in NBA 2K20 will put you on top of your competition – way ahead the point guard build or the center build. In terms of build creation, you need the following attributes – shooting and finishing, physical profile #5, balanced and skill breakdown #2. The player constitution is not classic – you have to focus on weight.

  • Weight – 220 pounds
  • Wingspan – 80.7 inches
  • Height – 6’5”

As for the Takeover, opt for Slasher.

This build does not provide too much help in defense, but you will score like there is no tomorrow, regardless of the position. In other words, maximize the playmaker, shooting and finishing categories. You can go for 17 badges in playmaker and 21 badges in the other categories. As for the finish, you can max out lateral quickness and perimeter defense. You will still get a few points left – rebounding.

There are 60 badges to use (get to the Neighborhood to upgrade some) and here is how to get the main ones:

  • HOF badges – Slithery Finisher, Deadeye, Range Extender, Fancy Footwork, Relentless Finisher, Difficult Shots
  • Gold badges – Contact Finisher, Steady Shooter, Volume Shooter, Handles For Days, Space Creator, Acrobat, Tear Dropper, Tireless Scorer, Ankle Breaker, Quick First Step, Tight Handles
  • Silver badges – Downhill
  • Bronze badges – Tireless Defender
shooting guard builds in NBA 2k20

Coming up with the scoring machine

When it comes to NBA 2K20, pretty much everyone wants Kobe Bryant. This build allows you to get as close as possible to him. Besides, according to elite players, this is an overpowered build that will work wonders on the court. The build creation involves shooting and finishing, agility, physical profile #1 and skill breakdown #2.

Choose the following attributes:

  • Weight – 200 pounds
  • Wingspan – 79.8 inches
  • Height – 6’5”

The Takeover should be Shot Creating.

Setting the potential implies maximizing everything except for a few elements – interior defense, post hook, offensive rebounding, standing dunk and passing accuracy. In other words, you will be able to come up with stunning dunks, great moves and lots of finishing opportunities.

You will not get as many badges as in other builds (get ready to spend some VC) , but you have the best ones:

  • HOF badges – Clutch Shooter, Difficult Shots, Contact Finisher, Deadeye, Tireless Shooter
  • Gold badges – Relentless Finisher, Quick First Step, Tight Handles, Fancy Footwork, Deep Fades, Space Creator, Clamps
  • Silver badges – Lob City Finisher, Handles For Days, Intimidator, Acrobat, Catch And Shoot, Ankle Breaker

Choosing the best NBA 2K20 shooting guard build is totally up to your style and preferences. However, going for the three level scorer will put you in an overpowered situation that no one can really defend against.​

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