Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Complete Guide

escape from tarkov shoreline map

Tarkov’s Shoreline is an extremely large map that offers numerous PvP opportunities and very good loot. The map features enclosed areas such as the Health Resort and the Weather Station as well as numerous open terrains.

The map is often considered to be the best and each raid lasts for almost an hour and features between eight and thirteen players as well as numerous NPC Scav spawns.

escape from tarkov shoreline map complete guide

Points of Interest in Shoreline

Since Shoreline is the second biggest map in Escape From Tarkov, it goes without saying that there are a plethora of different locations that players can explore. From the Azure Coast Holiday Resort that has been long abandoned, multiple villas, various tiny islands, and well-hidden bunkers, all the way to a lighthouse.

While all of these locations are interesting on their own, what truly makes them worthy of exploring is the fact that most of them contain valuable loot that is up for grabs. Moreover, there are several keys in shoreline which can be traded in exchange for big money as well. Below you will find what we consider to be very important locations in this map.

Health Resort in the map

North Wing of the Health Resort – Administration Building

The Administration Building is a part of the Health Resort which is located in the center of the Shoreline map to the north of the Power Plant. As the name suggests, the Administration Building contains offices, lounge areas storage rooms as well as a basement.

The basement contains a Scav-only extraction point that is constantly open and due to this as well as the abundance of loot that spawns at the Health Resort, you can be certain that you will be encountering other players here so be on your guard. As far as loot goes, there are numerous safes, PC Blocks, medical supplies, provisions, weapons, and other useful loot as well as a Blue Lab keycard spawn location.

health resort in shoreline map escape from tarkov

West Wing of the Health Resort

The West Wing of the Resort contains three different floors with the first floor being dedicated to offices and the second and third being apartments.

These apartments are often connected via balconies which can be very convenient if you only have one key and both apartments are locked. As far as loot goes, there is a wide variety of everything there including both Blue and Red Lab. Keycards.

East Wing of the Health Resort

This part of the Health Resort is pretty much identical to it’s West Wing. Most of the floors are covered in apartments and the loot table is identical to the West Wing as well.

Power Plant in Shoreline

This is an NPC Scav Spawn point so players should be careful when approaching. The area is easily recognizable due to three large high voltage power lines. The area also contains a guard shack, the main building, and some abandoned cars. Possible loot includes a grenade box, an Office 104 West Wing Key and an East Wing Room 222 key as well as a toolbox and some jackets.


Abandoned estates and villas can be found in a few locations such as the western parts of the Shoreline, south of the swamp and south-west of the Health Resort. Some of them can contain Scav Spawn Points so be careful when approaching. Loot can vary but it is usually money, safes, duffle bags and weapons.

Gas Station

The Gas Station can be found in the southern region of the map near the main road and is on fire. NPC Scav Spawn points are nearby as well so be very cautious when approaching. As far as loot goes, the gas station contains two-weapon boxes and a safe.

Scav Island/Loot Island

This island is located in the south-western part of the map and is connected to the mainland by a wrecked barge. It contains a couple of small wooden buildings as well as an NPC Scav Spawn point. Loot is extremely diverse and ranges from toolboxes to weapon boxes to different keys.

keys location in shoreline map


Marina is a small peninsula located in the south-east. It features the offices of the Tarkov Yacht Club, a dock and a lighthouse. Lighthouse is a Scav’s Extraction Point while the boat at the dock can be used as a PMC Extraction Point. Cash registers, keys, weapon boxes, and other loot can be found here.


This village is located west of Downtown and is inhabited by Scavs. The western part of it serves as a Scav only Extraction Point and the village itself is fairly enclosed. Loot is the same as in other residential areas.


Downtown is located in the western part of the map. It contains a few buildings, a couple of Spawn Points as well as an NPC Scav Point nearby. Loot is limited to med bags, jackets, duffle bags and provisions.

Weather Station

The Weather Station aka the Radar Tower is located in the south-eastern part of the map. The Weather Station provides an excellent vision of the surrounding area but also leaves the player quite exposed. Weapon boxes, grenade boxes, and keys, as well as loose electronics, safes and file cabinets, can be found here.

Spawns and Extractions Points

As one of the largest maps in Escape From Tarkov, Tarkov’s Shoreline contains numerous Spawn Points as well as Extraction Points. However, less than a couple of them are constantly available which is why we can’t go too much into detail regarding them. Nevertheless, we will provide some general information regarding Spawn Points and Extraction Points down below.

Spawn Points

Spawn Points are mostly located around the outside perimeter of the Tarkov’s Shoreline. In addition, they are widely spaced out and offer access to different points of interest more easily depending on their locations. You can go through this reddit for more info on spawn locations.

spawn locations escape from tarkov

Extraction Points in shoreline map

When it comes to Extraction Points, there are multiple points available and they are usually located on the opposite side of the map from where the player spawns. With that being said, some of the Extraction Points are always available such as the one called Road to Customs which is located in the south-east corner of the map. Another extremely important Extraction Point is the one called Rock Passage located at the far north side of the map.

Raiding Strategy

When it comes to raiding strategy, it is of course entirely up to the player on how and where they want to go, however, there are routes that are more effective than others and locations that are likely to have better loot available than others.

Tarkov’s Shoreline contains a total of 37 cache locations and a single effective route can be taken in order get to all of them.

That being said, the route will vary depending on your spawn location and of course player decisions which is why we will provide you with a route during which you will visit most of the locations that are well stocked with loot.

We will start by assuming that your spawn point is in the far west and we will provide you with the best route through multiple points of interest to the far east. From there, you can make your own route using ours as a guideline.

Spawning to the west, you would first want to go through the Village and start heading slowly east, south-east once you are done in order to reach the Downtown area. After that, continue heading northeast until you reach the Cottages.

Once there, you can swing by the construction site if you wish to do so, if not, keep heading north until you cross the Suicide Fields and reach the Church. From there head west into the Swamp and then proceed Northeast until you reach Box Truck, Drone 1 and then the Rock Bunker.

Here you can check out the Rock Passage Extraction Point. Assuming that you want to proceed with your run, keep heading east until you pass the Hut and then start heading south passing the Fountain and the Weapon House until you reach the Radio Tower. Finally, head east, north-east until you reach Road to Customs.

Keep in mind that this route is not perfect and depending on your Spawn location as well as your personal decisions, it can be changed and adapted.

We realize that we have left some of the Points of Interest unvisited, but taking into the equation how crowded those locations can be or how out of the way some of them are, those would generally not be worth your time and effort.

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