Shoreline Map Key Locations – Where To Find Every Key In & Out The Map

EFT-shoreline map key locations

The fourth map in the Escape from Tarkov game hides a series of secrets. Disclosing all the Shoreline map key locations may take a while, so just be calm and patient. Here is a brief guide on where to go and where to look in order to find all the keys.

Office 104, West Wing

Get to the power station and check out the sheds there. The first one as you look at them has a locker – normally full of medicines, but it has a key too.

shoreline map office 104 key location

West Wing 301

As you get by the wrecked tunnel, you will notice a yellow bus. Get inside the bus and check out the seats. A key will be conveniently placed on one of them.

West Wing 301 key location

Office 107, East Wing

Find the auditorium inside the office – lots of chairs nicely aligned one next to another. There is more loot in there, while the key is on one of the chairs on the right side.

office 107 shoreline map key

East Wing 222

Get to the power station in the eastern wing and you will find a few rooms. Check out the one to the left – two jackets hanging and a chair next to them. The key is on the chair.

East Wing 222 key

East Wing 314

This key is out of the map. In fact, you need to get to the Woods map. Reach the checkpoint on the eastern side. There will be an abandoned SUV and a small cabin. Go right inside the cabin and the key is on the stool.

East wing 314 shoreline map key

Shoreline Utility Key

This key is in a closed with cabinets within the health resort – the second floor. It opens unmarked doors throughout the resort.

Shoreline utility key location

SMW Car Key

Find the key for the locked blue sports car behind the estate. Find a blue skip and a box of cardboard – look on top of the box.

SMW Car Key shoreline

East Wing 205

This key spawns in the exact same place as the SMW Car Key – on a box of cardboard by the skip, behind the blue fence. For reference check the image above.

Cottage Key

The Cottage Key takes you to a place that used to be unopened before the resort was added. Find it on the blue barrels close to the estate.

cottage key shoreline

Cottage Safe Key

The key to the safe in the cottage is in a white bus, located close to the tank in the city.

cottage safe key in shoreline map

East Wing 206

Find the harbor office and locate a square SUV next to it – check the back door for the key.

east wing 206 key in EFT shoreline map

East Wing 316

Go to the Woods and scout the western side of the lake. You will find a crashed minivan with the front in the water. There is an open suitcase next to it and it has the key.

east wing 316 key location

East Wing 328

Go to the Scav island – accessible through the shipyard. Find the motor and the key is on a table next to it.

east wing 328 key in escape from tarkov shoreline map

West Wing 112

Visit the bus station and locate the bus in the middle of it. Go inside and the key is on a seat on the right hand side.

west wing 112 keys in shoreline

West Wing 216

Find the key to this great room on the second floor – check out the desk.

key for west wing 216  shoreline map

West Wing 220

The key is in the unlocked villa on the estate. Find the key locker and the key is visible.

west wing 220

West Wing 221

Head to the beach and find the sunbeds – close to an umbrella. One of them has the key on top of it.

west wing 221 key location shoreline map EFT

West Wing 306

This key is in the Factory map. Reach the extraction side, find the locker rooms and you will spot the key there.

west wing 306 key location EFT

Sanatorium Key

Reach the rock passage and go across to a nearby bunker. Go inside and the key is on a seat.

sanatorium key

Management Safe Key

This key can only be found in Scav bags and pockets. It opens the safe in the theater room by the resort.

Warehouse Safe Key

This is another key you can only find on Scavs – it opens the safe in the warehouse on the second floor.

warehouse safe key

West Wing 207

This key is most commonly found in Scav pockets, yet the room is open.

West Wing 218

Get some weapons, crates and loot by reaching this room. The key is in a locker close to the pool.

West Wing 218 key

West Wing 219

The key to 219 is usually found on top of a smashes box, inside the lighthouse. Some players can also find it in an SUV by the harbor.

West Wing 219 key shorelien map EFT

West Wing 303

This is one of the overlooked Shoreline map key locations – reach the gazebo in the northwest and check the boxes under it.

west wing 303 key location EFT

321 Safe Key

This key is most commonly found on Scavs, but it can also be found in jackets or in the weather station.

East Wing 310

Spot the Customs building, locate a bus nearby and find the key on a seat.

East Wing 310

East Wing 313

You can only find this key on Scavs.

East Wing 322

This key leads to an empty room. It can be found on Scavs.

These Shoreline map key locations should teach you how to loot fast and get rich in no time. Many of these keys can be sold for lots of money – up to a few millions, but you will also find them useful during your raids.​

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