NBA 2K20 Reviewed In Small Details – What To Expect

NBA2k20 review

2K releases a new version of the game every new year, only to bring in even more updates in the attempt to make the game mechanics perfect. The presentation is as close to reality as possible. Every new year has brought in a more refined package and the latest one seems to dominate the industry at this point.

NBA 2K20 comes with an excellent story mode – similar to the famous The Journey from FIFA. Just like you may already expect it, you will experience the adventure of a young player trying to find a celebrity in the NBA. The story brings in a series of popular actors as well.

Overall, the single player mode will give you around five hours of fun. The real challenge occurs in other modes though. But before getting there, what should you expect from the new NBA 2K20? This review will give you all the details you need.

Changes in the graphics

From a visual point of view, NBA 2K20 is much better than the previous version. There are plenty of improvements from any direction. Player designs will literally stun you. The hair looks realistic, as well as the style. Tattoos are crystal clear too – you can even have the Ninja style, which is now banned in the NBA.

Signature moves from certain players will make your day. If you are familiar with Damian Lillard’s Bye Bye move, just wait for it. Other famous moves are available under certain circumstances. When it comes to the story and actors shown there, names like Rosario Dawson or Idris Elba look extremely well rendered.

NBA 2k20 graphics

As you browse around, you will notice some visual improvements pretty much everywhere, even in the neighborhood – new themes, trees changing according to seasons and so on.

Small details in the gameplay

When you think about the gameplay, keep in mind that the game gets a new version every year. In other words, it might be difficult to notice any major improvements. However, NBA 2K20 comes with a few visible changes.

The 2019 version had some sort of a glitch. No matter how bad your defender was, he could easily stick to a better attacker. Imagine the worst defender in the game and the possible attacker – it was a tie. In the 2020 version, this glitch has been sorted out.

A quick, skilled and strong player will manage to overtake poorly trained defenders without too much hassle, so the gameplay is a bit more realistic.

Play calling has also gained some improvements. Plus, there are various types of defensive sets that perfectly imitate real life sets.

MyCareer taken to another level

This year is by far the best release in the series. MyCareer is usually boring and does not provide such a good flow. You usually do it just to take it out of the way. Many parts are not just boring, but actually annoying. It feels like the producers are trying too hard.

NBA 2K20 comes with a significant upgrade. The line feels direct, smooth and actually entertaining. It is hard to tell what makes the difference. It could be the better graphics or perhaps the better actors. Idris Elba? Rosario Dawson? Just to name a few…

NBA 2k20 MyCareer details

Altogether, MyCareer looks like an interesting movie and will hook you in. The ending could have been a bit different, but it is not that bad. As usual you can also earn free VC by progressing ahead in MyCareer Mode.

MyTeam with a few slight changes

MyTeam is just as popular among NBA 2K20 players. The game mode has not been through too many changes since the previous version though. According to the developer, the role of microtransactions has been dramatically limited, which is a plus. With all these, players expect an even better upgrade for the next version. After all, you can still find roulettes and slot games.

Position locking lineups represent another major change. Some players may disagree with it, while others will love it. Generally speaking, every player gets a chance to win a game. What does it mean? For example, you cannot start with LeBron James on the point guard. On the same note, you cannot use Giannis Antetokounmpo at center.

Introducing the WNBA

It was about time women make it to the NBA series. NBA 2K20 also brings in the WNBA. However, this is not an innovation. The WNBA has already been featured in other basketball games. The NBA Live series has the WNBA for a while now, not to mention EA Sports. From this point of view, NBA 2K20 had to catch up a little.

There are not too many differences in the gameplay though. Players have different physical attributes and this shows in the gameplay. For example, women are shorter than men. They feel a bit different, so you will need a few games to adjust.

You will love the presentation style though. NBA 2K20 has actually made an effort there.

MyLeague on a slow upgrade

MyLeague is one of the reasons behind the popularity of this game. Every new year brought in some major improvements. It felt like a constant upgrade. NBA 2K20 does not come with so many changes. The main upgrade? You will notice a new texture pack. Builds are also more difficult to do right, whether you count the center, power forward, small forward, point guard or shooting guard. Badges are also a bit more complicated to get and upgrade.

When simulating games, you will also observe a Force Win feature.

Other than that, some players were expecting more from this mode – perhaps a bit more realism. It is not a bad change, but it feels like the developer could have put more effort into it.

Final words

So, is NBA 2K20 worth the money? From many points of view, it is. From others, it is not. If you are a fan of the series or you simply love basketball, you will find a plethora of different modes to enjoy, as well as more realism than ever.

On the other hand, if you are dedicated to this series and you have a critical spirit, you might see NBA 2K20 as nothing but NBA 2K19 with a patch to fix small issues in previous versions. All in all, it will still make a good impression.​

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