How To Get Free VC In NBA 2K20 – Seven Quick Methods

NBA 2k20 VC

The amount of VC you can get in NBA 2K20 is directly proportional with the time you are willing to invest in the game. Spend a whole day playing and you will bring in lots of VC without too much hassle. Now, learning how to get free VC in NBA 2K20 is also about knowing where to go and what to do.

Plus, make sure you know why you need it. You can come up with killer builds – center, small forward, power forward, point guard or shooting guard. Besides, badges can also take some VC for upgrades. So, what are the best options out there?

Daily bonuses

This is probably the easiest way to rack some VC in game. You will find different bonuses on a daily basis in the nav. They come up with some small tasks. While you still have to spend a few minutes to complete them, the amount of money you get makes the whole venture worth.

NBA 2k20 free VC

MyCareer Games

MyCareer is your top option for VC. The more you play, the more VC you get. Keep in mind that everything is about doing your job – it has nothing to do with how much ball handling you do. If you are a defender, you must defend. If you are a playmaker, make sure your passes are clean.
Make sure you know how to use the Pick and Roll function by the book for more money. You can also set a screen with a circle or a B before you score – this tip will bring in more VC than normally.

The Stage Ante

This option is more suitable for experienced players. You are basically betting on games. You can get a massive bet and make tons of VC, but you might as well lose everything. You can make more VC than anywhere else with this option if you manage to succeed.


Build your way up through MyCareer and you will earn plenty of endorsements. Know how to negotiate and collect the VC. You can, for example, set everything to 10,000 VC for each appearance at an event. Opt for no store discounts and maximum incentives.

You can also try removing the incentives in the beginning, then bring them back in with time, as you become better. Incentives must be chosen based on your build and skills.

NBA 2k20 endorsements

Harder games

Play a game at the lowest difficulty and you will get a certain amount of VC. Go towards the hardest mode and you will make way more. Previous versions of the game had the same deal – boost the time and difficulty and your rewards will be better.

Most players out there work on the Pro level. Just find whatever is more suitable for you and try to make it better.

The official app

Your attempts to get VC’s in NBA 2k20 will also take you to their app. Indeed, the game has its own app. It will not bring too many benefits, but most players keep it installed on their smartphones anyway. Link it to your account and you will get a bonus on a daily basis. Login everyday and get about 500 VC. The more time you spend in the app – games, interactions and so on, the more VC you will get.

NBA 2k20 app to earn VC

MyLeague Sims

The sim option used to have many glitches, so lots of people abused it. It is quite alright now, but you can still make nice amounts of VC. Start a season, go through games, play a little and you will get some VC for your work.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, learning how to get free VC in NBA 2K20 will push you in a few different directions – check out every menu, go through the neighborhood and so on. There are more options to get VC in game. What works for some players will not work for everyone else, so try out different techniques until you figure out which one brings in the most value.​

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