Bobbiemcfly EFT Keybinds & Settings


Bobbiemcfly is an upcoming female streamer who has broadcasted more than 1090 hours of Escape from Tarkov videos. Bobbiemcfly joined Twitch in the year 2017 and is gradually gaining popularity in the streaming world. Apart from ‘Escape from Tarkov’, she is also known for streaming other Twitch games such as Fortnite, Ark, PUBG, Fallout, Overwatch, No Man’s Sky and the Division. Her outfits in game were also said to be one of the most cool PUBG outfits by a lot of viewers.

Most of Bobbiemcfly’s broadcasting videos last till 6 hours and more. Most of the videos are based on playing the game and understand the tricks to clear the level. Since it has been almost three years now, from the time she opened her account, Bobbiemcfly is known for ‘playing the game with the viewers’. This phrase means that while she plays the game she checks each and every feature, tools and guns present in the game and helps others understand what features are to be used to get better results.

As Bobbiemcfly plays games which contain violence and abuse, all of the broadcasting videos and the content are considered as mature content and only adults will have access to the videos. She also focuses on providing hidden secrets present in the game through her broadcasting videos. Most of her videos are streamed live while playing games but the tips, tricks and secrets videos are usually edited before uploading on the channel.

Bobbiemcfly Escape From Tarkov Keybinds

Move ForwardW
Move backwardS
Move rightD
Move leftA
Lean rightE
Lean leftQ
FireLeft MB
AimRight MB
Change Aim Scope MB 3
Change Aim Magnification MB 3
Freelook Mouse wheel down
Toggle NVG N
Mumble Y
Open Mumble Dropdown Y
Mumble Quick phrase Y
Check Time O
Check Time and Exits O
Toggle Tactical Device Mouse Button 4
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll +
Previous Weapon Mouse scroll –
Interact F
Throw Grenade G
Reload R
Next Magazine “Mouse scroll +” + R
Previous Magazine “Mouse scroll -” + R
Check Ammo P
Toggle Fire Mode B
Prone Z
Sprint L shift
Duck C
Next Walk Pose “Mouse scroll +” + C
Previous Walk Pose “Mouse scroll -” + C
Inventory Tab button
Jump Space
WalkCaps Lock button
Knife V
Scope Elevation Up Page Up
Adjust Scope Down Page Down
Screenshot Prnt Screen
Discard Delete

Bobbiemcfly Escape From Tarkov Game Settings

DPI (Dots per inch)400
Mouse Sensitivity0.7
Double Click timeout 0.3
Inverted X axisOff
Inverted Y axisOff

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