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Pubg has been doing the rounds everywhere, although Fortnite has given the game a fierce competition even then it stands out to be one of the most played online multiplayer battle royale video games. Pubg gives you far more options than it’s competitors for completely customizing your player’s look and feel. You could literally do thousands of experiments with your player’s outfits in the game.

Now if you have landed here for searching one of the best outfits, you need to answer this simple question as you want it for what?

Your Pubg outfit does a range of things for you as it makes you look stylish among other players and also prevents you from getting seen easily as the ghillie suit saves you a lot because of the camouflage it creates. But then the map you are thrown into also affects your stealth potential.

With an outfit like a ghillie suit, you can only save your ass in a few maps. Although only focusing on the costumes won’t help you much.

We prefer going for a female character in Pubg because females players have much thin body frames making it hard for the enemies to detect you.

If you are always in a rush or more suitably an aggressive player who camps very little, then your outfit is not going to play much of a role in your cover. Nevertheless, these costumes still give you a bit of edge in terms of confidence while playing. Lets’s see what to keep in mind while deciding your outfit.

ivory school uniform pubg

Cool outfits are meant for fashion:

If you want to give your player a cool look in Pubg then the cosmetical angle comes around. There are a lot of cool costumes out there in Pubg which you can get to make your player look pretty different and fashionable from others. Moreover, you are sometimes considered to be a professional player if you walk around in some cool and bizarre costumes in Pubg. Here are some cool outfits which you can choose from.

  • Pink woman’s tuxedo: This is one of the coolest and the rarest outfit if you have a female character. It makes you look quite different and cool
  • Ivory School Uniform: Ivory school uniform is also a dapper costume for female Pubg character. This can be purchased from the Steam community marketplace for $541.
  • Black School Uniform: This comes for both female as well as male players. This dress was seen getting sold for $1000 in the steam marketplace. Although 2-3 people purchased it in between $200-$360 in the last few days.
  • School Skirt: One of the most sought and cool Pubg outfit for female players. You can buy it for $65.
  • Instructor Set Outfit: This is something which is quite common but this also doesn’t come at a very cheap price. You need to shell out 200 bucks to get your hands on this Pubg outfit.

Outfits can save you from getting caught:

Now if you want a costume to minimize your chance of getting seen by other players, the ghillie suit is our favorite choice. You can simply use them in a lot of maps like Erangel- with a grass cover on the suit and in Miramar or Vikendi – with a husk or white cover. We also advise players to tune up their PC settings for reducing their detection in the map because it has been seen quite a few times that players using low-end devices and low graphics settings are more frequently detected as they end up revealing their movement. Make sure to choose a dress that blends in well with your surroundings. You can try the following costumes to minimize your detection in the game.

ghillie suit pubg

Ghillie Suit with grass cover – This ghillie suit works best when you are playing in the Erangel map especially when you are around a lot of grass cover or buildings. In Erangel dark outfits should be preferred.

Ghillie Suit with husk or white cover – Husk or white cover on top of the suit creates a very good camouflage when you hunting for kills in Miramar and Vikendi.

Combat pants – Tight combat pants are always a good option to reduce your detection because of the movements as loose pants expose more of your movements. Combat pants come in various colors like brown, khaki or black-brown. Choose the color according to your skin color and the surroundings.

You can get ghillie suits in airdrops.

Outfits reduce health damage

Outfits prove to be a boon while reducing the health damage in case you get hit. Combat helmets and bulletproof vests are the two most important parts of your clothing in Pubg which protects you. So keep these two on the top of your priority when selecting costumes. Here are some varieties of helmets and vests you can wear in Pubg.

  1. Helmets: There are three types of helmets you can find in Pubg – Motorcycle Helmet, Military Helmet and the Spetsnaz Helmet. The motorcycle helmet is a level 1 helmet that reduces the damage up to 30% while the military helmet is a level 2 helmet that considerably reduces damage up to 40%. Now, this Spetsnaz helmet is something you should go for. With this helmet on, you cannot be killed with one shot. Although if tried with AWM then it is possible, no other weapons can take you down in one shot if you are wearing Spetsnaz.
  2. Vests: Pubg givers you two options in Bulletproof vest. For level 1 and level 2, you have a police vest which gives you damage reduction of 30 and 44 % respectively. For level 3 again you have a masterpiece which is a military vest giving you an additional 10% damage reduction if compared with level 2 police vest.

Right outfits help in increasing inventory space

We don’t need to remind you, that you always have to mind your inventory space. Make sure you choose an outfit that gives you more inventory carrying capacity. If you end up finding a supply crate, you can always get yourself loaded with the items you need in if you have enough inventory space.

Utility belts, bullet carrying loops, backpacks, pants, shoes and vests are the perfect add-ons to your outfits if we talk with respect to inv space. Vest not only protects you but also gives you extra inventory space. Below is the list of some extremely valuable add-ons and Pubg costumes which increase you item carrying capacity

  1. Level 1 backpack – increases your item carrying capacity to 120 items
  2. Level 2 backpack – increases your item carrying capacity to 150 items
  3. Level 3 backpack – increases your item carrying capacity to 180 items
  4. Police Vest – It gives you protection along with added space for different items. You can get it in level 1 and level 2.
  5. Military Vest – It gives you extra space as compared to police vest as it is a level 3 item
  6. Combat pants – It comes in a variety of colors like khaki, brown, or blue-black. Each one of them gives you +40 items added advantage.

Now let’s talk about some cool Pubg outfits which everyone wishes to wear during the gameplay.

PlayerUnknown’s Trenchcoat. It is the most loved and difficult to get outfit, you will possibly come across in PubG. It was distributed for free with certain other items like bloodied grey T-shirt, scarf and bandana to the players who pre-ordered the deluxe edition of PubG. You can now purchase it from the Steam marketplace.

Doomsday Hoodie. This hoodie is one of the exclusive items in the whole range of weapons and outfits. IT is right now only available on the Steam market place for $226.

dooms day hoodie

Reaper mask. Reaper mask is basically a face mask that was one of the most expensive items that can be purchased in PubG. Although now it comes for 250 bucks. People who attended PubG Global Invitational in Berlin got it for free.

We will still always recommend focussing less on outfits and more on skills. Anyway, you can always tell us what outfits you prefer in Pubg in the comments below.

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