Unlocking Proving Grounds: Borderlands 3

borderlands3 unlocking proving grounds

Finished the main story of Borderlands 3 already? If not, you can read about Trophy Guide here.

The newest endgame activity for Borderlands 3 is Providing Grounds.

Unlock the hidden beacons to participate in the proving grounds. It quite like the dungeons. They are needed to gather the loot and the best part is that it can be repeated. There are going to be 3 consecutive gauntlets where you will have to defeat a wave of enemies and also face off a battle with boss to finally acquire the loot.

borderlands 3 proving grounds

What is more challenging is facing the boss in an allotted time period or completing the run without dying and killing a certain enemy. How you complete the challenges determine the quality of your loot.

You can only be capable of unlocking Proving Grounds after completing the main story. Look for secret hidden beacons across the planets. There are total 6 of Proving Ground and these  are not difficult to get.

borderland 3 loot weapons

The activities can be launched from the Sanctuary. On the bridge map, you can find the corresponding Proving Grounds after activating the beacons. As mentioned, there are currently six beacons for each of the six Proving Grounds. Most of these are easy to get to, requiring just a little platforming.

Where to find the beacons?

Trial of Cunning:

Walk towards the Splinterlands until you reach the middle of the map. You will find an exclamation point there which will be yellow in color.

Trial of Survival:

You can defeat a few enemies to find the beacon. You just have to head into the cave, to the western point of Devil’s Razor.

Trial of Instinct:

Climb up to the Floodmoor Basic on Eden-6, you will locate the beacon under the roots of the large tree.

Trial of Fervor:

This is also found on Eden-6. Open the map and look at the right corner, you should go towards Jakobs Estate. Remember to be careful since the map can be quite deceptive. It will ask you to take a straight route but it will not tell you that it is impossible to climb a giant wall that is there to obstruct your way. You will have to go towards the south and use the elevator to go up. Be careful and do not let the map mislead you!

Trial of Discipline:

Keep following the path and head to the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea. From there just move towards the northeast corner of the map. This is one of the easiest!

Trial of Supremacy:

It will be found on Nekrotafeyo in the north part of Desolation’s Edge. There will be a short mission when you will activate the beacon. If you finish the mission, only then you will be able to unlock the Proving Grounds. It is advisable for you to first activate all the beacons and then only go towards the individual short missions.

So, keep finishing as many mini-missions as possible for the best chance and keep running the Proving Grounds mission to have your luck with the best loot in Borderland 3.

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