Borderlands 3: Trophy Guide

borderlands-3-trophy guide

Out of the series of borderlands, Borderlands 3 is the 4th part of the series. And if you are not familiar with the first three, it is not really an issue.

The Borderline 3 Trophy Guide list can be expected to be like those of the other games in the series. First you have to complete the story and all the side missions. Then all the locations have to be discovered and the endgame has to be finished. The platinum is rather straightforward for you to carry forward. You can roam even after you have finished in order to collect the unique objects from each arena. You cannot miss anything.


After the story all the unfinished quests can still be accepted. And you will even be able to go back to all locations. You can play on difficulty level of your own choice because the trophies are not character specific or difficulty related. Whatever mode is picked up in the starting does not matter, switch the mode to easy if you would like that. You don’t have to play in a way you don’t want to, you can play it anyway.

Step:1 – Finishing the story.

First you have to play the story in whatever way you wish to. The quests can be done later and you can collect the materials in the later stage as well. You can even choose to play it in the Easy mode.

The side missions that come along your way should be worked upon. However, the random quests are not mandatory for the trophy hence it is best to avoid them at this moment. Finish all side missions for the trophy. Other things will come on their own throughout the way so you don’t have to bother about focusing onto that right now. Just keep pushing the story forward and complete the side missions that come along your way.

Here is the list of main missions:

  • Pandora Missions
  • Sanctuary Missions
  • Promethea & Athenas Missions
  • Eden-6 Missions
  • Pandora 2nd Vision Missions
  • Nekrotafeyo Missions
  • Rare randomly spawning kill Missions
  • Circles of Slaughter Missions
  • Trials (Proving Grounds) Missions

borderlands-3-trophy guide

borderlands3-trophy guide

Step 2: End of the all side missions

The side missions that you skipped by chance during the story completion need to be finished now. Complete each and every one of it. The random kill quests are again not mandatory yet and you can ignore those.


Step 3: Discovering your way to the locations

You will be needing the following for platinum:

Eridian Writings, Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts, Zero’s Targets of Opportunity, and Named Locations. You don’t have to worry about missing anything in the game as it is possible to go back everywhere after the story. You can still look for whatever you had to skip in the first go. Eridian Writings will be decoded towards the end so it is better to not waste any time on them early on. They will be on the map and you can see them when you will go near that part on the map. It is marked by blue icons. Even the other challenges are not necessary and can be skipped. On the map, all the named locations should be traced by you and you can also be benefited by collecting all the collectibles that come your way while crossing the named locations on the map.

 trophy guide Borderlands 3

Step 4: Circles of Slaughter

It comprises of 5 rounds of multiple waves of enemies. You have to destroy them all. Where as the Proving Grounds has the boss towards the end of the story. Solo can sometimes be a trouble so it is better to use the matchmaking function so that some other players can ensure you help.

borderlands3-trophy guide

Step 5: Final step

To conquer the platinum, you can now complete any of the missions that were put on hold before such as shooting range with a perfect score or grenade which can kill your two enemies back to back! This is the high time to obtain whatever was left. Felicitations for your platinum!


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