Borderlands 3 – Finding your way to Circles of Slaughter


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As can be seen in this game with a face off in 5 rounds against the enemies. Fighting the battles in Borderlands can be very challenging but facing the enemies in the final battle is when the adrenaline spins. Show up to the arenas as fully loaded. And since there is no time limit, the best way out there to secure extra ammo and look for more weapons would be thinning out the number of enemy waves. Take enough time to flee and loot.

The three Circles of Slaughter arenas in Borderlands 3 are given names as Slaughterstar 3000, Cistern of Slaughter, and The Slaughter Shaft. There are two ways of facing the challenges. One of them is by finding it in the game. The other one, however, has a slight disadvantage, which is, there is no way to choose your arena. This is called the matchmaking. For the best experience try and choose a companion or two. It not only distracts the enemy, but also gives you a helping hand in need to revive. If one wishes to start in a specific arena, knowing locations could really be helpful. And the good news is, no circle of slaughter can be overlooked. It is right there, you just have to observe sharply.

borderlands 3 circle of slaughter

Cistern of Slaughter

The first arena, Cistern of Slaughter, is located in the Meridian Metroplex on the planet Promethea. An NPC sends you into the arena for the quest. After you  accomplish the quest, you would be able to pay multiple visits to the arena.

The Slaughter Shaft

Towards the end of the game, the NPC once again takes you to an area called Konrad’s Hold. If you look closely towards the end, you will see the door to the Slaughter Shaft. On Pandora, the entrance can be seen at a location which is called Last-Stand Yard.  The quest is yet again given by the NPC who takes you there. On reaching inside, you need to talk to the NCP to begin the Circle of Slaughter.

Slaughterstar 3000

One of the hardest locations to find will be of the last planet Nekrotafeyo. It is famous as the toughest one because it is almost invisible. It can only be seen on the map if you are close enough. The farther you are, the lesser you see! It is almost impossible to observe the quest-marker from a distance. Now the real task would be to unlock it. And you can do it by accepting the mission on the map. There is a side-quest apart from your main quest, which you must accept. And voila, you have unlocked it. Your acceptance takes you to places. First it would take you towards the sanctuary where it is convenient to interact with the console in the command room. Later, from there, the travel is doable. As soon as you select “Slaughter 3000” as a destination, you may go through the drop pod in the area. With one further move, it can be unlocked as own planet for travel.

Towards the accomplishment area of the circle of slaughter, you will chance upon mighty beasts- the intimidating enemies who will block your way. You have to neutralize them as soon as possible because of their nature to teleport anywhere.

Each Circle of Slaughter varies in terms of appearance and it will dazzle you if you don’t avoid empty spaces as much as possible. You should be safe if you are able to find the high ground!



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