Discovering Advanced NBA 2K20 Controls

NBA 2k20 controls

Figuring out the basic NBA 2K controls is relatively easy, whether it comes to passing, bounce passing, overhead passing or shooting. The same goes for icon passing, call playing or sprinting, not to mention moving players.

When it comes to defense, you probably know already how to swap players, take charge, block or steal. It is all about trying each control and figuring out what it does. We have listed some basic controls in the image below. But how about the less known ones?

NBA 2k20 basic controls

We are listing out few advanced controls for Xbox and PlayStation, we hope you find them helpful.

Off ball offense controls

When off ball, controls work differently. You can call for ball with A on Xbox One (X for PS4). Set the screen with B (O), rebound with Y (triangle) and tell the computer to shoot with X (square). Post up with LB (L2) and spring with RB (R2), while using the left joystick is classic for moving players.

offball offense controls 2k20

Different players have different abilities. Some of them have a fast release, while others are really slow. It is up to you to figure out which players match your style better.

Advanced Offense controls

Advanced NBA 2K controls will take a while to get used to, but they can make your life easier. A (X) calls for a timeout, while pressing LT (L1) and RT (R1) allows you to select teammates’ action buttons. You can also press the left arrow and you can gain access to Smart Play. On the same note, you can select Dynamic Quick Play.

Pressing LT (L1) will let you select Post Up or Isolation. Moreover, pressing and holding LT (L1) with LS (L3) lets you choose the pick side, while matching it with RT (R1) allows choosing Roll or Fade. Pressing and holding LT (L1) is ideal to have a teammate set a pick too.

Other controls include Icon Pick Control by pressing LT (L1) and RT (R1), Slip Screen and Early Fade by picking a call and then pressing LT (L1) one more time and Running Baseline by holding LB (L2) and using the right analog for this move.

offense controls NBA 2k20

Off ball Defense controls

Off ball defense is not a player’s strongest point, especially if you are new. Use B (O) to take action, Y (triangle) to block and X (square) to steal. Post engage with LB (L2) and spring with RB (R2). Again, the left joystick is all about moving your players, so nothing special there.

Advanced Defense controls

Advanced defense is just as difficult to master, but worth learning. Hold X (square) when close to the ball handler for a foul, hold LT (L1) for double teaming or press LT (L1) and select the double teamer action button.

You can also get a team foul by pressing the view button (touchpad), not to mention selecting the 2-3 or 3-2 zone with the left arrow (swipe from left to right). The same button allows calling Man to Man (swipe from bottom to top).

NBA 2K controls are extremely diversified, whether it comes to basic controls or more sophisticated dribbling moves. Time will let you master everything as you become a top player.

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