Monster Hunter World: Location Of All 15 Camps

monster world all map locations

Camps are an integral part of the game. As soon as you enter an area, your first thought should be to be able to locate or establish the camps since they play an important role when you need revival points upon fainting or when you wish to travel swiftly. That is why it won’t be incorrect to say that finding a camp should be the topmost priority.  You can unlock the camp location by finding it first and then completing the delivery quest in Astera’s Research Center. It can be extremely exhausting and tricky to locate the camps because the map doesn’t want you to see it. There is no way you can see it on the map, you will be able to see only when you reach closer to the areas.


Ancient Forest Camps: Ways to locate and unlock

  1. Southwest Camp (1): This comes as a default camp that is instantly unlocked as soon as you enter the map.
  2. Northwest Camp (8): The location of this camp is very apparent and cannot be skipped as it is unlocked when you step further into the lands.
  3. Northeast Camp (11): This is an optional camp which will require you to be two times faster and have the set of unique objects from the previous hunting.
  4. Ancient Bone and Iron Bone (17) You can move ahead from here once you have got the northeast camp already. If you don’t have the northeast camp, you need to progress with the story because you get it in a very early stage. You may look on your right in the narrow pathway. It can be missed if you don’t pay enough attention. It is a long walk and unlocking this is very important. During your first step you might miss some turns, but just keep following the path and you
    will be there.





Wildspire Camps: Ways to locate and unlock

  1. Southwest Camp (1): This one, again, gets unlocked by default on its own as soon as you make an entry.
  2. Central Camp (6): The easiest way to get here is to reach Area 6 first. This is the zone where there are bridges on the left of the desert. You may want to start from the default camp. There is an entrance from every side, so it will not be a problem for you to reach area 6. Pass through all the areas, and jump off the rocks, you will find the entrance there.
  3. Northeast Camp (15): You can reach area 8 to get here. The upper right most area in the map will lead here. You will have to go to the middle north part of the desert. From there you have to look for a hole to drop down. You will be there. You might also see bone piles here. This will be a very useful camp.
  4. Eastern Camp (11): Start from area 8, it will be found before the beginning of area 12. You need to keep going as there are hardly any turns. Climb a tall vine wall. A lot of monsters come here to fight. You can climb up to area 10 and keep moving forward to reach the camp.




Coral Highlands Camps: Locations & Unlocking

  1. Southern Camp (1): This camp is instantly unlocked as you enter.
  2. Northeast Camp (12): As the story moves forward, this will get unlocked.



Rotten Vale Camps: Locations & Unlocking

  1. Southeast Camp (1): It is unlocked by default.
  2. Central Camp (11): This will be unlocked as the story progresses.



Elder Recess Camps: Locations & Unlocking

  1. Southern Camp (1): This is unlocked by default instantly.
  2. Eastern Camp (8): Start from the default camp which is the southern camp. Keep going forward by following the rocky path and don’t go down. Once you reach the top of the area, you will see the wall. From area 3 & 4, you will go down and find area 8 by crawling under from there.
  3. Northwest Camp (16): If some of the paths are blocked, you need to continue according to the story. At least one of the paths will be available to you. You have to slide down to the crystal caves to your left. Take an exit and pass through the lava. You can also go towards the left and then north to reach back the same place. Circular crystal room that you will see here is area 14. From here, you have to make a u-turn. Here you will locate the Northwest camp that you may hunt now.





Hope you will be able to locate all the camps!.

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