Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Guiding Lands Camps Mystery Unraveled

MHW Iceborne guiding lands camp locations

Guiding lands: the area where you can hunt freely, can be unlocked after completing the campaign in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. It is a chaotic mess where all areas are mixed. It goes from ancient forests to low temperatures real quick.

How to unlock Guiding Lands?

The mysterious hide out for the monsters has different regions. The area of the regions is close to the version of places you have already visited. These similar versions of The Ancient Forest, Widpire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Valem, Elder’s Recess and Hoarfrost Reach can be explored by discovering tracks.

Why is locating the camps hard in the first place? It is so because it is not shown on the map. What’s more is that the game doesn’t even tell that they exist. To look for them, you will have to be rerouted. They can be anywhere inside the caves or on the outer edges, whichever is out of reach of monsters. Far away from the monsters, the camps are located in quiet places. It is unique to Iceborne Expansion. The exact doppelganger of the map of the main game, the endgame area also comprises of 4 quadrants.

In order to travel swiftly and save time during the hunting spree, the need of the hour is to look for and construct camps on reaching new map as this will save a lot of time later. If you wish to travel fast between various areas of guiding land, you will have to set up camps. Once you find it, the delivery quest which is in the resource center must be completed. Car camping is also one way out!

guiding lands camp

Northwest Camp Location:

In the Ancient Forest, the southwest camp is unlocked from the starting as soon as you step into the map. So, you can set up the Northwest camp by unlocking it in Area 3. All you need to unlock it will be 50 Research points, 2 iron ore, 1 ancient bone. Near area 3, you will reach a place covered with white flowers and it will have a slope on its left. Once you walk upwards, you will be able to find ivy on your right.  You can set up your camp by climbing up onto the ivy.

guiding lands second camp

Eastern Camp Location:

As the mystery continues, the players get a vibe that sole starting camp might be the only camp in the Guiding Lamps. But Guiding Lamps have a second camp as well. When you make your way through the coral region, you will be able to observe a huge blank space which has a very subtle appearance. You should go up some vines which are seen on the left side between the zones 3 and 4. You need to take a right turn adjacent to the hot springs and observe a pavement through the space, and voila you have a hole on your left side! The second camp is also the special area that is only available to the Master Rank Hunters, which is the player that has owned Iceborne Expansion and accomplished his quests to reach the end of the base game.




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