​How To Get Better At Fortnite – 5 Important Tips That No One Talks About

how to get better at fortnite

Fortnite dominates the gaming market these days – no doubts about it. With millions of players struggling to kill each other, making the difference can be quite challenging. It takes a while to get used to maps and scenarios and no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone better than you. But then, there are a few tips and tricks to learn how to get better at Fortnite. So, how can you improve yourself? Here are 5 important tips to play Fortnite better:

Play on a few different devices 

The more you play Fortnite, the better you become. But then, try playing on other devices as well. Different people are better on different devices. You might struggle on iPhone X, but you might be a killing machine on PlayStation 4. According to most gamers, the computer makes the easiest way – after all, this is how everyone began their shooting venture with games like Quake or Counter Strike.

Apart from finding an easier alternative, playing on multiple devices will also give you different perspectives of the game. 

Put your headphones on 

The audio in the game is simply astonishing. You can hear other players all around you. However, it is one thing when you play with large speakers and a different thing when you put your headphones on. The audio is definitely an advantage, but the audio in your headphones will indicate other players in a more efficient way. You can tell whether someone is on your left side or the right side without even trying too hard. 

Apart from the steps, you will also hear gunshots and other sounds. 

Jump out of the bus later 

You will see players leaving the flying bus as soon as the game starts. Then, some players wait until more populated areas full of gear and ammo. How about waiting until the last seconds then? Chances are there will be less players there. You will have way more time to gather gear and ammo.

Moreover, many players will already be dead by the time you approach them, so the game suddenly becomes easier. It will not necessarily make you better, but it will make the game easier. What makes you better is the extra time you get to build up. 

Tweak your controls 

Small changes in your controls can make all the difference in the world. The sensitivity settings are by far the most important ones. It makes no difference what platform you play Fortnite on – this is the smartest way to learn how to get better at Fortnite

Picture this scenario – you suddenly spot someone next to you, your aim and you shoot. You try to be fast, so the first shots will most likely draw the shape of your enemy on the wall behind them. With lower sensitivity, aiming becomes much easier. You can check out a lot of fortnite settings here to learn how professional play.

Practice building 

There are countless situations where building can save your life. Are you trying to get an enemy? Build your way to them and try to be on top of them. Are you wounded? Build some walls around you and give yourself time to heal. Are you under attack? A few walls will give you a good shelter. 

While aiming and shooting are important, the building is often overlooked, yet it can make the difference in many circumstances. 

Final words 

Bottom line, learning how to get better at Fortnite is usually a matter of practice. Small things will make the difference and can give you a slight advantage over your competition, but after all, it is your responsibility to develop your own techniques and tactics during battles. What works for some players will not always work for you, hence the necessity of coming up with your own battle plan.​ We hope you found these few tips helpful and would play fortnite to the best of your abilities. Don’t forget to check our best fortnite dances to groove on once you win a game 😉

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