​Discovering The 8 Best Fortnite Dances

8 best fortnite dances

There are no doubts about it – Fortnite is currently the hottest game on the market. Players from all around the world are having fun playing Fortnite on a wide variety of platforms.
You need to be the last player standing, but at the end of the day, this kind of satisfaction comes with a reward – a funky dance. 

While there are plenty of dances out there inspired from real life or viral videos, some of them can definitely stand out in the crowd. Here are the best Fortnite dances, where they come from and how much they cost you:

Llama Bell 

The Llama Bell dance is an emote type of dance. What makes it so special? The cowbell is definitely one of the most attractive parts. The dance involves beating a cowbell in sync with the actual music. The cowbell is inevitably part of the dance too and believe it or not, it can get quite catchy. It will cost you 800 V bucks. 

Source – Mad Bro Gaming Youtube Channel

Best Mates 

The Best Mates is one of the best Fortnite dances, as well as one of the most popular ones. The dance was released in the third season, but it has become an icon and is widely used today. What do you get? Imagine an aggressive character with silly moves in a goofy dance. It is no longer obtainable – if you already have it, you are lucky. 

Source : Fortnite central Youtube channel

Electro Shuffle

The Electro Shuffle (Formerly known and signature shuffle) dance takes the shuffle dance to another level. It was released at the beginning of 2018 and lots of players got hooked in right away. It received plenty of attention due to its energetic style that perfectly matches the music. All in all, getting this dance implies taking 800 V bucks out of your pocket.

Source : Bullet Youtube Channel

Orange Justice 

This dance was released during the fourth season. Back then, the BoogieDown challenge brought together plenty of fans who submitted their own dance. A kid in an orange shirt came up with this dance, but he did not win. The community came up with a petition and the dance was brought in – the kid got his justice, hence the name. 

Source – Agentc2008 Youtube Channel


Obtainable at the 49th level, the Floss dance is one of the best known moves all around the world. Everyone has seen or performed it, from new players to actual celebrities. The dance became famous due to an SNL episode featuring Katy Perry. You can no longer get it these days, so consider yourself privileged if you did. And guess what? We got our hands on that SNL video. Check this out :

Source : Pancakes Youtube Channel


Assuming that you are not a kid, you can only think of one thing when you see this dance – Will Smith. The name says it all. The dance was initially brought in during The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air times. The music matches the style of this dance like a glove. It will cost you 800 V bucks to get it. 

Source – Niki Toys Youtube Channel

The Worm 

The Worm is by far one of the best dance moves in Fortnite. It came out in the second season and no matter how much you love replicating these dances, the worm will be quite difficult to perform. It is rare, but it is extremely efficient should you need to mock an opponent. The cost? Make sure you reach the 28th level and you will get it. 

Source – Instinct Gamer Youtube Channel

Disco Fever 

Disco Fever is among the best Fortnite dances and can successfully bring back the 1970s. It is your best choice if you want to bring in a bit of fun, relaxing music and a disco feeling on the battlefield. If you are into old movies, you might be familiar with it – it was made popular by Saturday Night Fever, with John Travolta. The music is quite addictive too – no matter how upset someone is, they will love seeing their killer perform these moves. 

Source – Supremacy Youtube Channel

Final words 

Bottom line, these are by far the most famous and best Fortnite dances out there. New dances come and go round the clock, so you will always have to be ready to invest in new moves, whether you get bored of your current dances or you want something hot and fresh. While these dances do not add too much to your gameplay, you will love a bit of diversity every now and then.​ 

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