Summit1g EFT Keybinds & Settings


Jaryd ‘Summt1G’ Lazar is a 32 year old American gamer and streamer. He is a Twitch partnered streamer and a broadcaster.

Jaryd was born on April 23, 1987 and is a Half-Hungarian. He is currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Time Warner Cable employed Jared as a call representative before he took up streaming as a profession. He started his profession as a streamer by streaming Counter Strike game.

Jaryd is popular for playing as well as streaming games like ‘Escape from Tarkov’,’Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Sea of Thieves’. He was a competitive player for CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offense) and played for teams Team Mythic and A51. However, he has retired from the same. He has also played for Exertus e Sports, Adaptation as well as Old Guys Club. He started his streaming profession in 2012. From January 2018 to March 2018, Jaryd remained the most followed streamer on Twitch.

Jaryd has been focussing on “Escape from Tarkov” in his streams of 2020. He also shares tips on how to play the game to his viewers.

In 2017, Jaryd was nominated for the Streamer of the Year award by Teen Choice, Shorty Awards as well as Esports Industry Award.

Jaryd has 609,000 subscribers on YouTube, 908,900 followers on Twitter and 4,211,008 followers on Twitch.

Jaryd uploads Stream highlights almost every day to his YouTube account which garners around 100,000 views per video.

Summit1g Escape From Tarkov Keybinds

Move ForwardW
Move backwardS
Move rightD
Move leftA
Lean rightB
Lean leftV
Smooth Lean Right D + Left alt
Smooth Lean Left A + Left alt
FireLeft MB
AimRight MB
Switch Scopes E
Change Aim Magnification O
Freelook Left Alt Key
Toggle NVG N
Mumble Y
Open Mumble Dropdown Y
Mumble Quick phrase Y
Check Time Mouse Scroll Down
Check Time and Exits F2
Toggle Tactical Device T
Next Weapon Mouse scroll –
Previous Weapon Period
Interact F
Throw Grenade G
Reload R
Next Magazine “Mouse scroll +” + R
Previous Magazine “Mouse scroll -” + R
Check Ammo Left Shift + MB 4
Toggle Fire Mode X
Prone Z
Sprint C
Duck L ctrl
Next Walk Pose “Mouse scroll +” + C
Previous Walk Pose “Mouse scroll -” + C
Inventory Tab button
Jump Space
WalkLeft Shift Key
Weapon on the sing 2
Weapon on the back 3
Secondary Weapon T
Scope Elevation Up Page Up
Adjust Scope Down Page Down
Screenshot Prnt Screen
Discard Delete

Summit1g Escape From Tarkov Game Settings

DPI (Dots per inch)400
Mouse Sensitivity0.54
Mouse aim sensitivity0.45
Inverted X axisOff
Inverted Y axisOff

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