​Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map – How To Be Successful In This Challenging Map


Escape from Tarkov is known for being one of the most realistic games on the market. Whether it comes to the ammo or realism, it is simply impossible to succeed without some training. Playing in the offline mode is certainly a plus, but you need more than that – you need to know everything on the map in order to stand a chance.

The Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is one of the more difficult scenarios in the game. It is far from relatively lightmaps like Woods, but it can certainly push you to try harder and gain experience. Now, what should you know about it and what are its main secrets?

Escape from tarkov reserve map  guide

Spawn areas and references in the Reserve map

The map is quite large and confusing at first. It is imperative to know where you spawn and get covered straight away. Small details and landmarks can give you some hints about where you are though, despite the size of the map. Finding a landmark will help you decide on the right extraction point and plan your strategy.

The dome – also known as the sniper tower – is one of the main landmarks. It is relatively simple to see once you get in the game, as you can see it from almost any part of the western side of the map. If you cannot see it, it is obvious – you are on the eastern side of the map.

In the east, you should be able to find the train station. Sure, it is not as imposable as the dome, but it is still easy to find. All in all, you will be on one side or the other. You will have to cross the map in order to reach an extraction point. Identify your spawning location first and then you can plan your way out.

Flow and chokepoints

Each map in the game has its own particularities and the Reserve map makes no exception. This map has close to no chokepoints unlike other maps such as shoreline map. Or better said, the whole map could be a chokepoint. How come? The scenario is relatively open. Wherever you go, it may be a fight between three players or just plenty of loot with no one trying to take.

The flow is quite direct regardless of your strategy – you will be pushed towards other players in the attempt to reach extraction points. However, if you truly want some action, you might want to hang around popular areas like the dome and the train station. But then, most players go for the loot. This map has plenty of it, so most players are not necessarily interested in a bloodbath.

Vantage locations for snipers in the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map

The dome is one of the hotspots in the Reserve map. It is located in the northern side of the map and once on top of it, you can see pretty much everything. If you love being a sniper, this is where you can get lots of action. Remember – there will be plenty of other players aiming for that position too. On the same note, there might be snipers trying to kill other snipers who get this position. They will just hide behind a rock or a tree and wait for someone to show up on top.

Since the dome is excellent for both players in the tower and players aiming at the tower, the Reserve map is excellent for harsh sniper duels.

Fighting the Scav Boss

The Scav Boss in the Reserve map – known as Glukhar – Is one of the toughest in-game. The guards are strong enough to be Scav bosses themselves, so you can imagine his strength. He spawns around a few different places – the repair depot, dorms or K buildings.

The boss has six guards. When you engage, some of them will chase you, while others will protect the boss. The fight will be challenging, but you can lure them into a tight or enclosed space, then eliminate them one by one as they get in.

The loot is impressive – around 23 top items, including armors, SMGs, assault rifles, pistols, grenades, masks and so on. You will also get a few keys.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve map extraction points

There are four Scav extraction points on the map. All of them are open round the clock and come with no restrictions at all. These extraction points include:

  • CP fence
  • Hole in the fence close to the mountains
  • Depot hermetic door
  • Heating pipe
reserve map escape from tarkov extraction points

On the other hand, there is only one extraction point for PMC players. While open all the time, you cannot use it for free. In fact, you need a Paracord, as well as a Red Rebel Ice pick. You should not be equipped with an armor vest either – harsh and risky requirements, but doable.

There are four extraction areas that work for both Scav and PMC players though. None of them can be used for free and only two of them are always open.

  • Scavs lands – always open and requires a player Scav and any PMC
  • Sewer manhole – always open and the only requirement is not being equipped with a backpack

The armored train is not always open. It arrives 25 minutes into the game and the latest 35 minutes. It only stays there for seven minutes and honks twice when it arrives – two times more when it closes doors. It only honks once before leaving. There will be more players hanging around waiting for it.

The bunker hermetic door is not always open either. You must enable it yourself. Find the helicopter and go southwest until you find a shack. There is a lever inside that will activate the hermetic door, but it only works for four minutes. If you encounter fire and waste time, you will have to activate it again.

Final words

The bottom line, Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is definitely one of a kind, whether you count the open profile of the scenario, lack of too many extraction points or requirements.

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