The Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Latest Guide 2020

EFT Woods map guide

Along with the Interchange map, the Escape from Tarkov Woods map is among the most difficult maps in the game. It is a relatively large map that features a hot spot in the middle. Obviously, there will be lots of action in there. As a new player, you will have to cross the map in order to reach an extraction point, so get ready to face some action.

Despite the size of this map – comparable to the Customs map, it will actually feel quite small because there is lots of water – unplayable spots. The terrain is what makes it different. It can be challenging to a newbie, but you are more likely to gain from it as you become familiar with its ins and outs.

Once you start, you will spawn on one of the two sides or by the water. No matter where you are, you will have to push towards the opposite side and cross the central part in order to reach an exit.

woods map escape from tarkov detailed spawn, loot and extraction points

Spawning on the Escape from Tarkov Woods map

No matter where you spawn, it is critical to know where you are on the map. This way, you will know which way to head. Otherwise, you will walk around like a headless chicken – often in the wrong direction. Practically, you have to look around and identify a few references regarding your location.

Spawning near the water makes it quite obvious. You will see the water around you. Not sure on which side of the water you are? Just try to locate the beach. You will then have to go in the same direction to reach an exit.

If you are on the right side of the map, you will spot a Scab house. The road around is also pretty large. On the other hand, the left side does not have too many reference points. It will be a bit confusing, but if you cannot see water, a wide road or the Scav house around you, chances are you are on the left side of the map.

Chokepoints in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map

The flow in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map is quite dynamic. Practically, games tend to last longer than on other maps. Players can chase each other in various areas, then simply retreat and hide for a break. But then, no matter what you do, you will always end up in the middle of the action – the so-called chokepoints. This is because of the map design.

Players must head towards areas rich in loot to strengthen, but they also need to go to completely different areas to exit. At some point or another, everyone will face some sort of confrontation.

The central part of the map is the main chokepoint. The map is quite narrow and you simply cannot go through unnoticed. You will have to fight someone to pass. Pretty much every player will have to cross this point in order to reach an extraction point.

To make it even harder, there is a Lumber Yard here, as well as a spawning point for Scavs.

Dealing with the Scav Boss in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map

Shutman is the Scav Boss in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map. If you have dealt with other Scav Bosses before, you will notice this one is not too aggressive. He is just as difficult to fight though, so you better get ready. He is never alone, but always has two guards with him.

You will have to clear the guards first. It will take a while since they have loads of armor. Once you approach the group, get ready to be shot at from a long distance. In other words, you will find it difficult to come close to him, so you have to play on his terms.

Shutman will most commonly spawn in the Lumberyard. He will usually hang around the POI, even if he decides to go chase players – a quick tip if you want to run away from him.

Now, what can you loot from the Scav Boss? Is it worth fighting him? Here is a list of what he carries:

  • AK-105 Assault Rifle and bullets
  • SVDS Sniper Rifle and bullets
  • IFAK
  • Scav Backpack
  • Red Rebel Ice pick
  • Wartech Berkut VV-102 Backpack
  • TerraGroups Labs Access Keycard
  • Shturman Key

Snipers in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map

The Escape from Tarkov Woods map may not look like the perfect scenario for a sniper. After all, how far can you see through those woods? However, if you play your cards right, you can find a pretty good spot to hunt players. There are no towers, indeed, but a little attention will take you to some good spots for long-distance shots.

Check out the lake, for instance. You will find a small peninsula, which will provide great views over the entire side of the map. You can find a good sniper spot in the woods too. There are lots of large rocks that can provide a good hideout, as well as a good place for long-distance kills.

Check out the yard too. Get to the right side of it and you will find a massive rock that provides great views over the surroundings, not to mention the beach. The beach is not to be overlooked either. If the weather is clear, you can get some nice hits on the other side of the water.

Extraction points of the Woods map

Outskirts extraction point in Escape from tarkov woods map

There are 16 extraction points in the Escape from Tarkov Woods map – quite enough, given the size of the map.

Scavs have more options than PMC players:

  • Dead Man’s Place
  • Mountain Stash
  • Outskirts Water
  • The Boat
  • East Gate
  • Old Station
  • Scav House
  • West Border

They are all free and always open – the only requirement is crossing most of the map and surviving to any of these points.

PMC players, on the other hand, have a few limitations. They only have two extraction points:

  • ZB-016 – not always open, but free
  • Cliff descent – always open, but requires the Paracord, Red Rebel Ice pick and no armor vest

There are, of course, a few extraction points where any player can go through. They tend to be a bit busier than the specialized ones.

  • Factory Gate
  • Outskirts
  • RUAF Roadblock – not always open
  • South V-Ex – not always open and only allows four players through
  • UN Roadblock
  • ZB-014 – not always open and requires the ZB-014 key
UN roadblock - EFT woods map extraction point

Who the Escape from Tarkov Woods map is for

The Escape from Tarkov Woods map is excellent for those who are used to other maps, but want some diversity. If you are an after some PVP, the map is excellent. Plus, it will polish your sniper skills. It may not look like a sniper map, but there are lots of good spots.

The loot in woods is not impressive. Other maps will provide much more. With all these, the plethora of PVP will pay off if you adopt an aggressive style. Furthermore, the map is suitable for those who are after medium range fights and some extra experience in getting used to audio clues.

Final words

Bottom line, the Escape from Tarkov Woods map is less likely to disappoint. While difficult, overwhelming and confusing at times, it will most likely hook you in. There is literally no time to take a break.​

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