Far Cry 5: How To Find Wolf Beacons?

Far Cry 5-How To Find Wolf Beacons

A total of 10 Wolf Beacons has to be destroyed in the northern region of Whitetail Mountains. Destroying these leads to the collection of RP which helps us to kill Jacob. But it is not that simple. We need to have throwables or mounted gun to kill him. The mountain gun is preferred because it has an unlimited supply of ammo.

Far Cry 5 Wild Call

Why do we need RP?

If you are wondering why do we need to risk our lives to get ammo, let us answer that for you. Besides, you need RP to complete the Call of the Wild Side Quest.

Wolf Beacons are very easy to recognize from a distance. It has red light on the top. Whenever it is dark, it is very clear.

Whitetail Mountains All Wolf Beacons Far Cry 5Whitetail-Mountains-All-Wolf-Beacons-Far-Cry-5Where is The Whitetail Mountain located?

Some people get confused about The Whitetail Mountains. During your stay at The Whitetail Mountains, you will observe a red light. This red light is shimmering to attract the attention of the wolves. After you complete the different missions of Tammy Bernes, you will be called by her to start the mission. You can destroy them by taking out the generator.

Far Cry 5 call of quest

Radio Silence

On completing the Radio Silence, you will get the access to the side mission. Tammy will inform the players that they have to continue to destroy more beacons. The beacons are needed for the resistance. However, the difficult part is that only 4 beacons will be observed on the map. You can destroy it from the helicopter and need not even go very close to it. The red light on the top will help you locate it from a safe distance. After accomplishing, you will be required to locate the remaining 6 also. But these 6 will not be available on the map. You have to do it on your own.

The list of Wolf Beacons

Far cry 5 wolf beacon

  • Wolf Beacon # 1 – southwest of Langford Lake
  • Wolf Beacon # 2 – west of Hawkeye Tunnel
  • Wolf Beacon # 3 – east of mountainside Helipad
  • Wolf Beacon # 4 – north of Grand View Hotel
  • Wolf Beacon # 5 – north of Cedar Lake
  • Wolf Beacon # 6 – north of Linero Building Supplies
  • Wolf Beacon # 7 – northeast of F.A.N.G. Center
  • Wolf Beacon # 8 – southwest of F.A.N.G. Center
  • Wolf Beacon # 9 – east of North Park Entrance
  • Wolf Beacon # 10 – southwest of Cooper Cabin

Far Cry 5 southwest of Cooper Cabin

Let’s Prepare Ourselves

You will not want to go unprepared. So for your safety, you begin by checking the area out. There will be cultists present there. At the very least you will want to have the Sneaky Sprint Perk. After tagging all the 12 cultists there, you have to take the southeast zipline back down to where you came from. Out of the 12 cultists, three must be snipers. So you have to reach behind the estate. Clear the area and protect yourself here.

You will see the first alarm a little way south of the two cultists. It will be in the southeast direction of the ranch. Do not jump or let them know of your presence. Wait for the area to be vacant, only then make a move. Stand behind the fence and put bullet with the handgun. Make sure you silence it before the use.

Then you take a u-turn and go back, you have to roam and wait for him to come near you. Continue waiting without being restless. When he approaches you, attack him from the behind the rocks and destroy him.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Keep yourself hidden at the back of the house. When the next one comes, do not be spotted by him. Instead wait before you take an action. You can hide safely around the balcony area.

Hope the notes will help you in attacking and at the same time hiding yourself.

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