Genshin Impact Tier List

genshin impact tier list

There are so many interesting and powerful characters in Genshin Impact so you will be confused. You will not understand where to start. Well, let us help you.

We have explored enough to be able to rank these against one another in different areas. Maybe some new characters are also going to out. But who knows? If there will be,  we shall update the list. Meanwhile, you can do with this one.

Genshin Impact Tier List 2021 Latest

Genshin Impact Tier List

S Tier: Albedo, Bennett, Diluc, Ganyu,  Hu Tao, Klee, Tartagalia, Xiao

A Tier: Diona, Fischal, Jean, Keqing, Ningguang, Noelle, Qiqi, Razor, Sucrose, Xiangling

B Tier: Barbara, Beidou, Chongyum, Kaeya, Xinyan

C Tier: Lisa, Traveller

D Tier: Amber

Would you want to know more and more about the Genshin Impact characters? Well, then yes, you have come to the right place.

For example, you know how they say keeping Noelle is trash. But Noelle is probably amazing if you stack defense. She smashes rocks and constructs the way. Nobody can do it like her.


S Tier: Diluc, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Klee, Tartagalia, Xiao

A Tier: Chongyum, Fischl, Jean, Kequing, Mona, Nuqunqu, Noelle, Ningguang, Razor

B Tier: Bidou, Xinyan

C Tier:

D Tier:


S Tier: Albedo, Fischl, Hu Tao, Ganyu, Klee, Mona, Venti, Zingqui

A Tier: Chongyum, Jean, Tartagalia, Xiangling, Zhongli

B Tier: Kaeya, Sucrose

C Tier: Lisa, Traveller

D Tier: Amber


S Tier: Bennett, Diona, Jean, Mona, Sucrose, Venti, Zhongli

A Tier: Albedo, Chongyum, Ganyu, Klee, Qiqi, Tartallia, Xingqui

B Tier: Barbara, Ningguang, Noelle

C Tier: Amber, Lisa, Traveller, Xinyan

D Tier:

genshin impact tier list

More on the latest upcoming characters soon. Stay tuned!


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