Control Trophy Guide


Step 1: Unlock all Supernatural Abilities

When you start playing, your main focus should be to walk through and enjoy the story. In the starting, you will get a gun that can shift into various other forms. It is called Service Weapon. Attack the enemies through this gun. Moreover, you could do so through your supernatural abilities also.

Upgrading The Service Weapon

You can upgrade The Service Weapon by collecting materials from either of the two spots: one can be from all the materials that enemies drop, or the other can be from green-looking metal crates that are available in various areas. It is essential that you accept more challenges and create mods to upgrade the service levels.

Awards for 10 missions

A trophy will be awarded to you after each mission in the story. There are a total of 10 missions. Out of which some allow you to grab collectibles and supernatural abilities automatically. If you are not able to unlock it automatically, you can play Side Missions. You should focus on playing such Side Missions. It is because through those it is convenient for you to unlock the supernatural abilities.

control trophy guide

You could involve yourself in the Side Missions called “A Good Defense”, “A Merry Chase”, and “A Captive Audience”. The number of Board Countermeasures depend on how many supernatural abilities you can unlock. If you unlock more supernatural abilities, you will be able to face more challenges. With each challenge, the level of combat becomes easier and you will get access to more hidden locations. Upgrade these supernatural abilities by simply using some of your ability points. You receive these points after completing each mission. Do not forget to unlock 3 Personal Mod Slots as soon as you unlock more upgrades.

Gathering the collectibles

Out of 250 collectibles, it is important for you to collect 120 for the Platinum. The strands are: Research & Records, Case Files, Correspondence, Multimedia, and Hotline. The game handovers them to you as you get through the story slowly. So you do not really require a guide to it. You can find the ones that will still be left in the offices and shelters.

A tip for you is to finish the main story line and get through the highest clearance level that is possible because for some collectibles, some specific clearance levels are required. Some collectibles can also help you to unlock the side missions.

Upgrade The Supernatural Abilities

Side missions will also help you to cleanse the Control Points.  You may cleanse the rest of them as you make progress in the story. In the different areas of FBC, accepting more challenges will help you in upgrading Supernatural abilities of Jesse. These challenges can be tricky as they ask you to kill specific enemies at a certain location.

Step 2: Finishing The Remaining Side Missions

After completing the story, it is high time now to clean up the remaining side missions, and gathering the collectibles that are not linked with any supernatural abilities.

Once you unlock almost all supernatural abilities and they belong to you now, so you should go after the kill-specific trophies now. Through the new missions, you will discover new areas which will provide you with the leftover control points.

Step 3: Kill 1,000 Enemies

Once you have been through a certain area through the main story line, you may want to revisit it again. As it requires you to kill more enemies. The count has to reach a total of 1000. So when you go back to those areas, you will find that the enemies have spawned there again. And it will help you gather more collectibles also.

At the end, you may want to visit Hidden Locations so that you may collect Ability Points to upgrade Supernatural Abilities to the maximum.

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