Acquiring the Fierce Deity Mask and Boots in Tears of the Kingdom


“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TOTK) is a treasure trove of hidden secrets and powerful gear. Among the most sought-after items are the Fierce Deity Mask and Boots, part of the legendary Fierce Deity set only which you can unlock the fierce deity sword. This guide provides detailed steps on exactly where and how to find these coveted items to bolster your character’s abilities and enhance your gameplay experience.

Obtaining the Fierce Deity Mask

  • Head to Skull Lake: Begin your journey to Skull Lake, located west of Akkala Wilds and north of Death Mountain. This eerie, skull-shaped lake is a key landmark in your quest.
  • Misko’s Hint: According to Misko’s hint, you need to skydive through the “left eye” of the skull. Note that on the in-game map, this is actually the right eye.
  • Warp to Sitsum Shrine: Fast travel to the Sitsum Shrine near the summit of Death Mountain. From here, make your way to the northern slopes and prepare to skydive.
  • Skirt the Ridge and Glide: Carefully navigate the ridge, then leap from the northern slopes of Death Mountain. Glide through the air until you are directly above the eye of the skull.


  • Enter the Cave: As you approach the eye, skydive through the opening to enter the cave hidden within Skull Lake.
  • Fight Through Stalkoblins: Inside the cave, you will encounter a group of Stalkoblins. Use your combat skills to defeat these skeletal foes.
  • Destroy Boulder-Walls: Progress further into the cave by destroying a few boulder-walls. These obstacles can be cleared using bombs or other powerful attacks.
  • Battle the Stalnox: Eventually, you will come face-to-face with a Stalnox, a massive skeletal boss. Aim for its eye with well-placed shots, and when the eye pops out of its socket and starts rolling around the cavern, deliver powerful swings to finish it off.
  • Claim the Mask: After defeating the Stalnox, climb the moss-covered platform adorned with tribal flags. There, you will find a chest containing the Fierce Deity Mask. This mask not only increases your attack power but also grants +3 defense.

Steps to find the boots


  • Travel to the Ancient Tree Stump: Head to the Hyrule Field region, specifically to the Ancient Tree Stump, which is situated north of Mount Daphnes and west of Hyrule Field. This large, hollow tree stump is located southwest of the Central Tower.
  • Enter the Tree Stump: Cross the wooden bridge to reach the tree stump. Look for a small opening at the base and use the Paraglider to guide your descent into the Ancient Tree Stump cave.
  • Navigate the Interior: Inside, navigate through a water-filled cave tangled with roots. Watch out for the Keese and the Like Like attached to one of the roots. There’s also a Bubbulfrog here—defeat it to get a Bubbul Gem.
  • Cut Through Veins: Either swim through the water or glide down to the southern wall, where you’ll come across a tunnel blocked by veins. Use your sword to cut through them and continue down the tunnel.
  • Climb the Big Root: At the end of the tunnel, you’ll find a pool of water and a large root. Climb the root and use the Ascend ability to reach the top of the room.


Find the Chest: At the top, find another set of veins blocking your path. Cut through these veins to reveal a chest containing the Fierce Deity Boots.