NBA 2K21 – Release Date & Features

NBA 2K21 – Release Date & Features

NBA 2K21 is getting closer and closer. While some small spoilers have been revealed already, there is much more to come. Developers seem to come out with new details and hints on a regular basis. Now, what does the community know so far? What should you expect from the upcoming release?

NBA 2K21 release date

Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K21 is set to be released on a Friday, the 4th of September. Given everything that happened over 2020, fans were expecting a delay. Pretty much everything has been delayed in 2020, from cinema releases to a bunch of solid games. Moreover, Kobe Bryant’s sudden death must have brought some last minute changes in.

All in all, with all these, it is impressive that the publisher has managed to keep the game on schedule with the previous ones. In other words, there will be no delays for NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 editions

NBA 2K21 will come in a few different editions. Each of them will have different features, yet the gameplay and mechanics will not really change.

Editions are quite unique, so players will probably have a hard time deciding on the right one. Furthermore, it is worth noting that each edition will be available for a different price.

The Current-Gen Standard Edition is the classic option. It will be available from the 4th of September. You will be able to enjoy it on more consoles – including next gen consoles. Compatibility will never be an issue Compared to other editions, it will miss a few features. For instance, you can only progress with MyTEAM.

The Next-Gen Standard Edition will come with next gen consoles – the official statement claims on Holiday 2020. It will come with a few extra features and capabilities. The developer has not given out all the details yet, but chances are players will benefit from super fast loading times, a few features to boost the gameplay and various adjustments.

Finally, the last edition is the most expensive one. Known as the Mamba Forever Edition, this is practically a package deal. Fans will get to play the current gen version of the game as soon as it comes out, on the 4th of September.

Moreover, the package also includes the next gen edition, which is said to come out on Holiday 2020. Players will also gain access to the exclusive features.

NBA 2K21 price

Each edition comes with a different price. Compared to previous versions, NBA 2K21 costs a bit more. The developer has bumped the price up to $70, meaning other developers of major games are expected to up their prices as well.

The Current-Gen Standard Edition will be the cheapest – not more than $59.99. It is basic and does not include any exclusive features. Other than that, the Next-Gen Standard Edition will cost more. Players gain access to some extra features, but they will have to pay $69.99 for them. Last, but not least the Mamba Forever Edition in NBA 2K21 will provide the best package deal. It costs more, but value for money is great – $99.99.

NBA 2K21 cover stars

There will be three cover stars – one for each edition. Just like you have probably guessed already, Kobe Bryant will star on the Mamba Forever Edition. He will be featured in two different covers – one for each edition in the package.

The Current-Gen Standard Edition (PS4, Stadia, PC and Xbox One) will feature Damian Lillard, while Zion Williamson will be a nice surprise for the Next-Gen Standard Edition (Xbox Series X and PS5).

NBA 2K21 extras to pre order

Pre ordering NBA 2K21 will give you a few benefits over those who wait. Here is everything you will get if you pre order:

  • Current-Gen Standard Edition – 5,000 VC, 10 MyTEAM packs, five pair shoe collection, 5,000 MT, 9 MyCAREER skill boosts and the Damian Lillard digital collection.
  • Next-Gen Standard Edition – the exact same things as in the Current-Gen Standard Edition, but you get the Zion Williamson digital collection.
  • Mamba Forever Edition – 100,000 VC, 10 MyTEAM tokens, 30 Gatorade boosts, sapphire Zion Williamson and Damian Lillard MyTEAM cards, MyPLAYER backpack, 10,000 MT, 60 MyCAREER skill boosts, 40 MyTEAM packs, MyPLAYER shoe collection and the Kobe Bryant digital collection.

NBA 2K21 is already an innovator for a few features and ideas. Some of the innovations were rejected by the community, but others have been embraced.

The split might be one of the controversial aspects – it feels like the community will be split in different categories. However, the game itself is likely to be a success. With so little time before the release, everyone is dying to see the upgrades and mechanics.

Only time will tell if NBA 2K21 will manage to fix the previous version glitches and take the game further.​

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