NBA 2k20 player ratings

As a big NBA fan, you may already be aware of the best players in the game. The game tends to replicate the reality, so whatever you see in real life is likely to reflect in the NBA 2K20 player rating as well. However, the good news is you can also beat most expectations by creating your own unique player.

But then, when it comes to creating a super team, you want the best of the best. You will find players from all kinds of teams. More importantly, each of them is good at one thing in particular. Some of them smash it when it comes to scoring, while others are aces in defense. Their personal characteristics can also make the difference.

How the NBA 2K20 player rating is set

The NBA 2K20 player rating is pure science. Nothing is random. Developers rely on superior metrics, as well as hundreds of hours of footage to analyze a player’s specific attributes. At the same time, developers try their best to identify a few specific traits in every player out there, so you can only imagine the amount of work they go through.

NBA 2K20 has managed to become the top basketball simulation game on the market. Believe it or not, even real NBA players take the game seriously these days, so do not be surprised to see them brag about their scores and numbers all over social media.

It is worth noting that putting together the best players based on the overall rating will not necessarily bring in the best possible team. Sure, the overall score underlines a good player, but you want the best players based on their traits and roles, so there is a bit of homework involved.

Now that you are aware of how to choose your team, who has the highest NBA 2K20 player rating and who should make it to your team?








Paul George
Ben Simmons
John Wall
Kyle Lowry
Eric Bledsoe


Al Horford
Ja Morant

It is worth noting that while some players may have a smaller overall rating, they could be better at specific aspects. For example, LeBron James has a 97 overall rating, while Kevin Durant has a 96 overall rating. Despite the number, Kevin Durant has a higher three point rating – 86 versus 78.

Bottom line, the player rating is a good indicator in terms of skills and quality, but again, you need to choose your team according to the roles your players have.

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