Resident Evil 2: Trophy Guide

Resident Evil 2 trophy guide

Resident Evil 2

The horror game has a scenario for Leon and Claire both. Finish Claire A to unlock Leon B and vice versa. You will have to unlock either of the character’s B scenario for you to witness the ending.

You will have ample amount of time to collect the items which will be used for the defence. With these items, you will not only be able to shield yourself but also damage the enemy.


Unlocking the platinum

You can unlock the platinum. You will already be expecting more than six playthroughs of the game. Get all the collectibles so that it can help you later in the game when the horror strikes.

In order to unlock the platinum you can expect 6+ playthroughs of the game. You have to play through all 4 campaigns because you need all the variety of collectibles. After getting to S-Ranks on the 2nd-4th playthrough, two more playthroughs will be needed on Hardcore. If some of your trophies are still left, more playthroughs can be added.

Step 1: Each Character Finishes The Game

There is a huge benefit of starting with Leon’s campaign on Assisted Difficulty is that the huge enemy walks very slowly here. He walks faster on normal comparatively. So it is going to be very easy for you to collect all the collectibles while he is walking slower. You can get to know the game during the same time. Try to get boss fight-based trophies. Obtain some of these with Leon and other can be achieved with Claire and for the third one Leon and Claire both are needed.

Once the Leon’s A scenario is over, you can go to the main menu and switch to play A scenario of Claire. After this one, you can choose to play Leon’s B Scenario.

Out of all the collectibles, use a special knife that would never break in the game when the difficulty level would arise. Collect as many collectibles as possible so that later in the game it becomes easy for you.




Step 2: Achieving the S-Ranks

Your completion time helps you to achieve your S-rank. You should be able to complete the game in the following time to get an S-rank:

  • Leon A / Claire A – 3:30 on Standard, 2:30 on Hardcore
  • Leon B / Claire B – 3:00 on Standard, 2:00 on Hardcore

You can unlock the S-Rank trophies on Standard difficulty or above since it is not easy to unlock the S-Rank trophies on easy (Assisted difficulty). Pausing the game will put the timer to rest. The best to way for the time management is to know your way around the game. For the runs specially hardcore runs, you could use the infinite ammo Samurai Edge handgun. Accomplishing S-Ranks before attempting Hardcore helps you to get extra ammo. Who wouldn’t love to have free ammo that makes everything a little easier!

Step 3: Hardcore can be too difficult

Getting the free ammo from completing the S-Rank on normal and unlocking the infinite ammo handgun will make the things movable for you. Now you already know the game well, you are ready to handle the level of difficulty of the hardcore. Both the character will be required to finish this level of madness.

Step 4: 4th Survivor

The 4th Survivor bonus game mode should be achieved once.

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