Pokémon Sword and Shield: Discover The Shiny Stones

pokemon sword shiny stone

The evolution sounds like a magical thing. But the Pokémon Sword and Shield Shiny Stone is more than just good appearances. This dazzling stone will help those Pokémons evolve who have entered your crew during the Pokémon Sword and Shield. So more than anything else, you need a shiny stone. And why would you not! Evolution is what you thrive for! Now the real question will be, where to find them?

pokemon sword shields evolution-stones

Locations of Shiny stone:

how to get pokemon sword shiny stone

First Way To Get There

Towards the north-west of the Wild Area, there is Lake of Outrage. If you wish to reach the Lake of Outrage you will have to reach here by unlocking the Water Bike (automatically on Route 9). Rotom Bike will help you drive through all the hurdles and obstacles. Water blocks this area and you will have to drive through it. On the shore to the left, you have a pool with Gyarados and a Watt Trader. A tiny outcrop outshines the Shiny Stones. When you reach the stone base, you will find a big circle there. Look closely to observe a different type of evolution stone behind each rock. You will find the Shiny Stone here, among them if you are fortunate. If you do not find it, no need to lose hope. They respawn at a later stage anyway.

pokemon sword shiny stone

Second Way Out

This would be one of the simplest and shortest way out there. You could start from the Route 7 and sprint your way through Route 8. Cross the dark tunnel and turn left to climb down the staircase. Turn right from there and walk down through the ladder. From there you need to climb up the ladder and take right turn twice. Go, grab it! There you get a shiny stone! It is one of the most peculiar stones that can make the Pokémon evolve. The light of the stone dazzles and does not fail to amaze you.

route 8 shiny stone pokemon sword


Third Way

There is also a slight probability of grabbing the chance to pick up the Shiny Stone on catching some of the Pokémons. If you want to pick up the Shiny Stone, you can do so by seizing some of these Pokémons, namely Clefairy, Clefable, Lunatone. The best part about this is that you can do it multiple times without any questions. If you want to have the Shiny Stone, you can catch them repeatedly. About 20 catches are required to grab the one that carries the Shiny Stone.

pokemon evolution stones

If nothing else, the last resort could be in the Bridge Field quadrant of the Wild Area through Digging Duo. Some stones can be excavated through Watts. If you have luck on your team, one could be shiny!

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