Kingdom Hearts 3: List of all Game Records

kingdom hearts 3 all game records

Why are the Game Records needed?

It is required for the Books trophy and achievement. We get some out of all for the side missions that come our way and the rest because of the combats and minigames.

Where to view the Game Records?

You can view the Game Records in the Gummi Phone. But it will only be counted if you get the mickey mouse icon in the Gummi Phone. If you do not have it till now, do not worry. It will be unlocked after beating the Olympus.

Here is the list of getting all Game Records in Kingdom Hearts 3.

You have to keep killing the enemies. There are 3 categories which are Combat related. These are: Shotlocks, Attractions, Links.

Kingdom Heart 3 Game Records


When you beat the planets, you get rewards. These are different types of  Keyblades. If you aim at an enemy and attack them, different shotlocks are activated. The main weapon here is Keyblade. They are purchased through Moogle Shop or through Synthesis.

  • Kingdom Key / King of Hearts
  • Kingdom Key / Ragnarok
  • Hero’s Origin / Drain Shock
  • Hero’s Origin / Atomic Deluge
  • Shooting Star / Meteor Shower
  • Shooting Star / Diving Barrage
  • Shooting Star / Cluster Cannonade
  • Favorite Deputy / Ghost Horde
  • Favorite Deputy / Drill Dive
  • Ever After / Shimmering Drops
  • Ever After / Spectral Rays
  • Happy Gear / Snakebite
  • Happy Gear / Warp Trick
  • Crystal Snow / Diamond Dust
  • Crystal Snow / Frozen Crescents
  • Wheel of Fate / Blade Storm
  • Wheel of Fate / Flag Rampage
  • Nano Gear / Cubic Stream
  • Nano Gear / Zone Connector
  • Hunny Spout / Hunny Burst
  • Hunny Spout / Hunny Drizzle
  • Hunny Spout / Sweet Surprise
  • Grand Chef / Steam Spiral
  • Grand Chef / Fruit Crusher
  • Classic Tone / Phantom Rush
  • Classic Tone / Noise Flux
  • Starlight / Blades of the Round
  • Starlight / Union Ragnarok
  • Ultima Weapon / Infinity Circle


shotlocks Kingdom Hearts 3


It completely depends on your enemies. These will be unlocked automatically. You don’t have to try, it will come on its own. Attractions get activated when it’s powered up.

  • Pirate Ship
  • Mad Tea Cups
  • Blaster Blaze
  • Magic Carousel
  • Splash Run

kingdom-hearts-3 LINKS


Links do not get activated automatically. You have to beat the bosses and some other sections. Then these special attacks get unlocked.

  • Meow Wow Balloon – It is unlocked during Twilight Town, after the fight with the first boss.
  • 8-Bit Blast – Unlocked during Toy Box, during the battle with Verum Rex minigame.
  • King’s Flare – Unlocked during Monstropolis, after boss fight halfway through the level.
  • Plasma Encounter – Unlocked during San Fransokyo.
  • Sea Spectacle – Unlocked during The Caribbean, after the fight with the big boss. This boss keeps the undersea cavern safe.

Once you kill him, you can go the chest and open it for the Ariel link. Mostly you get the Ariel abilities on your own but for this one you have to work hard as it is not automatic. Do not worry if you miss it at the first go because it is possible to come back after the story. Undersea Cavern is the travel checkpoint on this pathway.


After beating the bosses you will get the side missions. There are fruits on the heads of pudding creatures. Once you play the mission with any score, you will get it unlocked. Although they don’t give you any reward for the same. If you want to achieve all the ingredients, you ought to get a super high score. This will result in you getting the unique fruits.

Here are the Flantastic Seven locations for you:

  • Cherry Flan
  • Strawberry Flan
  • Orange Flan
  • Banana Flan
  • Grape Flan
  • Watermelon Flan
  • Honeydew Flan

Kingdom Heart 3 Minigame


The minigames will not be available on first playthrough. They will be there only while replaying the worlds. It’s only after finishing the worlds, you can go back to completing these. First complete the whole story if that is convenient for you.

  • Verum Rex: Beat of Lead – It is found on 3rd floor in Toy Box in the Video Game Store. You will have to communicate with the Controller there.
  • Festival Dance – Located at the Thoroughfare in the Kingdom of Corona. Remember where you were dancing once in the middle of the story? You have to talk to the Rapunzel at the market square.
  • Frozen Slider – Go to Arendelle to talk to your friends at the Mountain Ridge fast travel point.
  • Flash Tracer –  Highlighted with blue neon lights around it, it is in San Fransoyko. One is in South District and the other is in North District.
  • Hundred Acre Wood – Located in The Hundred Acre Wood, this contains 3 minigames also.
    • Tigger’s Vegetable Spree
    • Lumpy’s Fruit Parade
    • Pooh’s Hunny Harvest

Hope the record list guided you in a proper direction!

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