Kingdom Hearts 3: Finding The Treasure

kingdom hearts 3 treasure locations
In Kingdome Hearts, the treasure is numbered according to the game menu but is not found in the same sequence order. It will appear at different places when you progress through the game naturally.
kingdom hearts 3
Treasure number 20 appears first in the story. It is known as Huddled Isles. It is found to the left of the first save point after getting the access to exploration.
Thebes Treasure Chest Kingdom hearts 3


After that treasure number 24 appears in the story. It is called Thebes. After you run into Disney ne’er-do-wells, you will find it next to the save point.


kingdom hearts 3 ADAMANTITE


Fishin’ Frenzy

Ocean Heartbinder

Port Royal

You can’t collect all the ten treasures in one run. While collecting the treasure, complete the run to cherish the treasure, do not retry before seeing you result screen.

Here are some interesting queries that you might generally have. Hope this helps!

Number of Treasure Chests in KH3

Wondering how many treasure chests are there in KH3? There are a total of 358 Collectible Locations in the KH3. Quite many, right?

Kingdom Hearts 3 number of Collectibles

How do you get chest 15 in Arendelle?

Treasure #15 – One of the tricky treasure chests is Arendelle. So how to get there? First of all, spin the crystal pillar in the room on the path that is towards your left. You will reach till here from Lucky Emblem. Then climb onto the grinding rail and keep running towards the hall. Lastly, after covering up half the distance, there will be another rail right above the previous one. Hop on! And there you have it. 

What is gummi phone?

After you beat the first planet, you will unlock the gummi phone. You need this to keep a track of everything.
Gummi Phone KH3

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