How to find Sweet Apple Pokemon

sweet apple pokemon

In Pokémon Shield, there is a unique element called the Sweet Apple. Sweet Apple used in the evolution of Applin to Appletun. This is exclusively available in Pokémon Shield only and we cannot find it in Pokémon Sword.

On the contrary, Sword Players receive another item which is called Tart Apple. It helps Applin to evolve into Flapple instead of Appletun.

How to find Sweet Apple in Pokémon Shield?

First of all, you have to catch an Applin. Look for it and then we can think about going to the next step. In Hammerlocke, you need to run for a short quest. When you complete it, then you will get the Sweet Apple. Towards the Route 6 exit, you will find a boy on the left side of Hammerlocke. He will be wearing a red shirt. When he asks you if about hearing a rumor, you have to deny. Next, he will ask you to bring an Applin. Hand it over to him if you want the Sweet Apple. And voila! You have got the reward for finishing the quest,


Hammerlocke Route 6 Sweet Apple

Hammerlocke Guy on the Route 6

The most important thing to remember here is that Sword Players achieve Tart Apple instead of Sweet Apple. Appletun is to Shield what Flapple is to Sword.

How to use Sweet Apple?

As informed earlier, its one and only usage is to transform Applin to Appletun.  If you wish the evolution to be triggered, you ought to give Sweet Apple to the Applin.

The secret of Pokemon Sword is not so secret anymore. This is how you find the Sweet Apple. Hope this helps!

We hope that you have already read all that there is about Applin and Flapple here.

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