Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact characters

After reading about Genshin Impact Tier list,  we are sure  that you were intrigued enough to  know about all the characters. Read on  to  know more:

Upcoming Characters

ayaka genshin impact

When there will be an update in near future, this character will be seen and later we will add this to our list of the characters too.


Rosaria genshin impact


Let us know if you have already played as Genshin Impact’s Rosaria. It has been released recently.

List of Genshin Impact Characters


Serving the Knights of Favonius, Albedo is famously known for his unending and obscure knowledge. He has a passion for research.

Genshin Impact Albedo


Amber is an outrider in the Knights of Favonius. He has won the Gliding Championship thrice.


The infamous poet of Mondstadt is also the Deaconess of the Church.


She is as powerful as the sea beast and has the potential to draw lighting to her sword.


Out of all the charismatic and powerful characters, this one is sadly quite unfortunate. He is the last member of Benny’s Adventure Team.


When the land is full of bad vibes and evil spirits. We surely need a help out. Chongyun has the talent to get rid of the evil spirits from the land. He is a popular exorcist.


Like Gotham has Batman, Genshin Impact has Diluc. He runs a safe business during the day. And to everyone’s surprise, becomes a superhero at night. He is the owner of Dawn Winery and is secretly related to Batman.


As it’s said, a baker never cuts his own cake. Similarly, the bartender at Catsy Tail is curious but doesn’t taste the alcohol even when everyone knows it’s the best in the town. She hates it.


This investigator travels with a night raven. Nobody can be trusted.

fischl genshin impact



A mixture of human and Qilin, Ganyu is grateful, quiet and gentle. Being an introvert, she only shows her true colors in front of her near and dear ones. She’s wild and impulsive.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is finally released now after a lot of wait. He is quiet and gentle.


She is very confident and loves to take challenges. Confidence shines on her face and she is loyal by nature.


He’s called the problem solver. He solves his problems on his own. He is a firm believer of God.


He is extremely faithful and can be trusted during the times of wars. He displays power and intensity.

Klee genshin impact


Keep mastering her and you can reap more benifits. She is a librarian there. She likes taking a nap.


This hydro- character is an arrogant astrologer. She likes to do it without taking any money.


She rests above Liyue and is the owner of the Jade Chamber.


When you dare to dream, only then dreams come true. She is a maid right now but knows that things will be better soon and she will become a knight everyone will look upto.


The most forgetful character always. Lend her things on your own risk. He is an alchemist and cannot die.


Keeps forgetting everything. Giving her things is very risky.


Grown up amid the wolves, his main home is Forest. He does not use his hands to fight. His swords are his power.

Sucrose Genshin Impact


Using the bow is his weakness and even then he has to use it. His mind’s home is curiosity.


Travelers are lucky enough to switch between Amemo and Geo. They can connect with Statues of the Seven.


He is actually known as god Barbatos. He will be very good if taken deep into the battle.


Being a chef at a renowned restaurant makes her conceal her identity very easily. Later by the night, she has the potential to destroy her enemies as she transforms herself into a warrior.


Music is his best friend. It soothes himself. He is against the society and is very awkward.



He is very old. Perhaps more than thousand years. He is an old guardian.

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