Far Cry 5- Locating the Shrines

far cry 5 - locating the shrines

Total  of 16 shrines can be destroyed in the Hanbene River region.

far cry 5 shrines location

Faith’s Region

  • Sacred Skies Lake
  • Hope County Jail
  • Sacred Skies Lake
  • Angel’s Peak
  • Angel’s Peak
  • Angel’s Peak
  • Near Hollyhock Saloon
  • South-west Of Peaches Taxidermy
  • South-east Of Peaches Taxidermy
  • North  of Moonflower Trailer Park
  • North of Moonflower Trailer Park
  • East of Moonflower Trailer Park
  • South-east McCallough’s Garage
  • Far south-east of Faith’s Region
  • On Tall Mountain East of Moonflower Trailer Park
  • East of Rock Bass Lake

Dutch’s Region

  •  on the eastern shore of the island
  • on the northern shore of the  island

Dutch's Region Far Cry 5

After completely achieving 16 shrines and the additional 2 shrine that are found in the Dutch’s Region, you can continue moving to finish the quest of “False Idol”.

As discussed above if there is any issue, you can follow the interactive map. You have to look beyond the street from the Vasquez Residence at the East of Hollyhock Saloon. Then can move towards the south-east

  • East of the Hollyhock Saloon, across the street from the Vasquez Residence
  • Next to the Pillars of Eden, to the south-east of the McClean Residence
  • To the southwest of Angel’s Peak, near the bottom of the hills.

Some tips and tricks

  • Some people have the ability to shoot while driving and it proves to be very helpful. If you are not very comfortable, you can change the driving controls in the main menu. Change the driving controls from “classic” to “shooter”.
  • Fog of Water covering the map can only be lifted by driving or walking. You cannot just climb onto the chopper and expect to uncover the map quickly. Drive or walk instead!
  • Along with purchase of weapons, you can also loot the ones that you like. If a man’s gun is something you like, just take it. Add it to your collection.
  • When the enemy is knocked down, it does not always mean that he is dead. His friends will be out there to revive him just like yours would. So keep a check on the enemy.
  • While exploring different regions, you will gather the collectibles. Comic books and Baseball cards are the famous regions.
  • Significance of Shrine Locations

Shrine locations are very important for the “False Idols” side missions. They also aid you in providing resistance as you move ahead in the Faith’s region and Dutch’s region.

Confused if you should walk away or resist in Far Cry?

In case you do not like facing off with the boss then you may want to leave him and his flock . This way you can continue with the occupation. For the end specifically, you will have to walk away.

What to do if you have trouble reaching the last shrine?

By any chance, if you have a problem in  finding  the last shrine, you should follow the interactive  map. This will help you in destroying all the shrines.

Hope County, Montana is filled with acquisitive mountains and  small towns. Whether you want to fight back by leading the resistance forces, first you ought  to destroy shrines in Far Cry 5.

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