Days Gone Trophy Guide

days gone trophy guide

One of the easiest trophies is that of the Days Gone. It is very simple and is totally based on completion. It comprises of 6 regions and 5 allied encampments. Once you have completed the story, you can roam freely and gather all the collectibles.  As soon as you pass through the Ambush Camps, you will get maximum collectibles. And the good news is that you need only 75% of the collectibles that you necessarily need. If you want to achieve the platinum, you have to finish all the side missions. Another very important site is Nero Research. Trying going through that.

days gone platinum guide
How To Earn Trophies?

On easy difficulty level, all trophies can be earned. The initial step is to play through the story on any difficulty. This very lengthy game has a duration of about 60 hours. The story consists of 6 regions.

Time to Platinum is 60+ hours.

Minimum number of playthroughs: 1

All 45 skills can be unlocked in the game. You have to discover a new experience level 45 times, so it can be unlocked during a single playthrough. For each new experience level, Deacon will get a skill point.

Here is The Days Gone Trophy Guide!

days gone trophy guide

Finish The Story To Earn Rewards

Some majorly important things can be picked up later when you finish the story line. But it will be great if you do it immediately, because you will also receive some rewards through it. Out of these missions, you could do all Encampment Jobs (side quests in friendly camps) and complete the Ambush Camps, Infestations, Nero Checkpoints in every region (Side Activities).

Loot The Human Corpses

You need to loot all the items from the corpses of the humans. But make sure you do not confuse Humans with Freakers. It is advisable to loot the Humans first when you are running in the story because once you complete the story and come back again, there will only be Freakers and not Humans. It will be very exhausting for you to look for humans because by this time they would have spawned outside the mission. Make sure you loot multiple items off the corpse because then it won’t be a mandatory condition to finish 541 kills.

No Return

Even if the game gives you notification to make a return because you have missed some items, do not worry. Once you finish the story, all the items will still be there.

Kill the Hordes

You will think it is better to kill all the hordes on your way to the story. But it is much better to finish them all after you have completed the story. You will now have experience, skills and weapons needed for this mission.

Collectibles on your way

Once the story is done, you will get lots of collectibles on your way. One of the trophies will be “Burnout Apocalypse”, collect these quickly.

Platinum belongs to you now!

Is There A Sequel?

The original Days Gone came up in April 2019, and since then the fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel. Hold your breath because it is believed that the sequel is likely to make its appearance somewhere around Fall of 2021.

Our Most Preferred Weapons:

Stinger SMG

We like Stinger SMG because it can fire off a lot of precise shots in one go. It never fails to amaze us.


PDW is one of the most handy weapons. No matter in which situation you are, it is always going to work out with PDW.

Do you also have a most preferred weapon because of their special features?

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