Letshe Controller Sensitivity

X-Axis Sensitivity:
Y-Axis sensitivity:
Edit Hold Time:
Targeting Sensitivity:
Scope Sensitivity:
Edit Mode Sensitivity:
Building Sensitivity:
Letshe Controller Sensitivity

Note: We keep on updating our settings in the table time to time. However, images for the same may vary. Kindly check tables for the latest settings. If you find any mistake or have any suggestions, feel free to leave your comments and we will update the settings ASAP.

Letshe Fortnite Build Controls

Action Input
Floor: R2
Stairs: L1
Wall: R1
Roof: L2
Switch Mode B
Crouch/Repair Y
Inventory L3
Map View Button
Jump A
Replay Last Emote / Rotate R3
Trap Picker / Place / Interact X
Edit D Pad Up

Letshe Fortnite Combat Controls

Action Input
Aim Down Sights: L1
Previous Weapon: L2
Inventory: L3
Place Marker: D Pad Right
Emote / Replay D Pad Down
Toggle Pick Axe D Pad Left
Map View Button
Game Menu Menu Button
Attack/Confirm R1
Next Weapon R2
Edit D Pad Up
Reload /Interact X
Switch Mode / Edit B
Jump A
Crouch/Repair R3

Letshe Fortnite Edit Controls

Action Input
Unbound: L1 / L2 / R2 / D Pad Up / X
Reset: R3
Select: R1
Inventory: L3
Emote/Replay D Pad Down
Confirm B
Jump A
Map View Button
Toggle Pick Axe D Pad Left
Game Menu Menu Button

Letshe Fortnite Video settings

Display Resolution:
1920×1080 16:9
Window Size:
Frame Rate:
3D Resolution:
(100%) 1920x1080
View Distance :
Post Processing:
Motion Blur:
Show FPS:
Allow Multi Threaded Rendering:

Other Game Settings

Video Settings Input
HUD Scale: 0.69
Brightness: 1.00
Color Blind Mode Off

Letshe's Combat Controls

Letshe's Edit Controls

Letshe's Dead Zone

Letshe's Brightness Settings

Letshe's Gear

Who is Letshe and what gear Letshe uses?

LeTsHe is a professional Fortnite player and streamer from Germany. His real name is Kevin Fedjuschkin and was born on 13th October. LeTsHe is currently playing for the Team Atlantis which he joined in April 2019.

Kevin was always in love with Battle Royale games and was fascinated with them. Soon after the release of Fortnite, he started playing it and realized that he is very good at the game and should try to become a pro player. Another reason for him to join the competitive scene was to support his mother financially. LeTsHe started his gaming career with Team Atlantis with his teammate Devil. But soon the lineup was changed and now, LeTsHe plays with WorfiezGG.

LeTsHe was always good in the game as his skills were extremely remarkable. He even managed to secure 32nd position in the Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals which was held in July 2019. Before joining the eSports team, LeTsHe used to do live streaming on Twitch. He still does live streaming, but now he is not as frequent as used to because of his busy schedule.

He doesn’t even have a scheduled streaming time and does streaming only when he has free time. His first stream was aired on 19th November 2017 and since then, he continued to do live streaming. As of now, Kevin has around 287,692 followers in Twitch.

Letshe uses Microsoft Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

Letshe uses Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition.

Letshe uses ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5” Gaming Monitor.

Letshe uses SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Gaming Headset.

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