Shroud EFT Keybinds & Settings


A 25 years old Canadian streamer and ex- professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player, Michael Grzesiek is professionally known by his online alias Shroud (formerly mEclipse).

He is best known for playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout, Rainbow Six Siege and more recently Apex Legends, Minecraft,Escape from Tarkov, Battalion 1944 and World of Warcraft Classic.

Grzesiek started his CS:GO career with many ESEA teams, mostly Exertus and Manajuma. He later was acquired by CompLexity Gaming as a stand-in, and in August 2014 when compLexity was acquired by Cloud9, he was signed with Cloud9.

In 2017 ESL one cologne, he helped lead Cloud9 to 2nd place and a first place finish at ESL Pro League Season 4 in 2016. After some months in August 2017 he decided to step down from Cloud9 team, but that he and n0thing remained as substitutes on the “bench”. On April 18, 2018, Grzesiek left Cloud9 and professional CS:GO entirely.

He also participated in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds “Twitch Rivals” tournament, with his duo team placing second and winning a $5,450 prize.He no longer streams on Twitch where he has a6.9 m following, which is also one of the reason for declining viewership of twitch. As of October 2019, his YouTube channel had over 5.3 million subscribers.

You can also check out Shroud’s fortnite settings and CS:GO settings.

Shroud Escape From Tarkov Keybinds

Move ForwardW
Move backwardS
Move rightD
Move leftA
Lean rightE
Lean leftQ
Smooth Lean Right D + Left alt
Smooth Lean Left A + Left alt
FireLeft MB
AimRight MB
Change Aim Scope MB 3
Change Aim Magnification MB 3
Freelook Mouse wheel down
Toggle NVG N
Mumble Y
Open Mumble Dropdown Y
Mumble Quick phrase Y
Check Time O
Check Time and Exits O
Toggle Tactical Device Mouse Button 4
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll +
Previous Weapon Mouse scroll –
Interact F
Throw Grenade G
Reload R
Next Magazine “Mouse scroll +” + R
Previous Magazine “Mouse scroll -” + R
Check Ammo T
Toggle Fire Mode Mouse wheel down
Prone Z
Sprint L shift
Duck L ctrl
Next Walk Pose “Mouse scroll +” + C
Previous Walk Pose “Mouse scroll -” + C
Inventory Tab button
Jump Space
Knife Caps Lock button
Weapon on the sing 2
Weapon on the back 3
Secondary Weapon T
Scope Elevation Up Page Up
Adjust Scope Down Page Down
Screenshot Prnt Screen
Discard Delete

Shroud Escape From Tarkov Game Settings

DPI (Dots per inch)450
Mouse Sensitivity0.5
Mouse aim sensitivity0.30
Inverted X axisOff
Inverted Y axisOff

Check out shroud in action in Escape From Tarkov

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