HoneyMad EFT Keybinds & Settings


HoneyMad is a Russian streamer on Twitch and youtube. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2014 and has more than 78 million views for his videos broadcasted. He also has a Twitch channel which he launched in the year 2013 and is the 2nd most-streamed variety channel in Russian and 8th most-streamed channel in Russia. Since HoneyMad broadcasts violent games and contains mature content, it is only suitable for people above the age of 18.

In terms of unique viewership, Grand Theft Auto 5 videos broadcasted have been viewed more than 2.69 million times, Escape from Tarkov videos have been viewed more than 1.12 million times and The Witcher: Wild Hunt broadcasted videos has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

HoneyMad is known for streaming Escape from Tarkov, where he plays the game in a smooth manner and portrays various tricks and methods to win a challenge. Most of his videos are live-streamed and only a handful of videos are edited and then uploaded online. Since the viewers are watching live conversation and reaction of the player, more audience are able to connect with HoneyMad and are following for further updates in his channel.

HoneyMad is also known for broadcasting other popular games like The Witcher: Wild Hunt, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto 5, Fallout: New Vegas, Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games.

HoneyMad Escape From Tarkov Keybinds

Move ForwardW
Move backwardS
Move rightD
Move leftA
Lean rightE
Lean leftQ
FireLeft MB
AimRight MB
Freelook Mouse wheel down
Toggle NVG N
Mumble Y
Open Mumble Dropdown Y
Mumble Quick phrase Y
Check Time O
Check Time and Exits O
Toggle Tactical Device Mouse Button 4
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll +
Previous Weapon Mouse scroll –
Interact F
Throw Grenade G
Reload R
Next Magazine “Mouse scroll +” + R
Previous Magazine “Mouse scroll -” + R
Check Ammo T
Toggle Fire Mode B
Prone Z
Sprint L shift
Duck C
Next Walk Pose “Mouse scroll +” + C
Previous Walk Pose “Mouse scroll -” + C
Inventory Tab button
Jump Space
WalkCaps Lock button
Knife V
Examine Weapon L
Secondary Weapon T
Scope Elevation Up Page Up
Adjust Scope Down Page Down
Screenshot Prnt Screen
Discard Delete

HoneyMad Escape From Tarkov Game Settings

DPI (Dots per inch)400
Mouse Sensitivity0.7
Double Click timeout 0.3
Inverted X axisOff
Inverted Y axisOff

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