You must have played many official Pokemon games including the famous Pokemon Go. However, the official collection is not the end of the complete collection. So, if you are tired of playing the classic series and want to try something different, you still have something to explore.

A few tech fans have gone ahead to introduce new adventures into the life of the players of this game. They have added twists and turns to the existing versions, which simply means new characters, story lines, and mechanics. These built-upon versions are known as Pokemon fan games that are ROM-hacked versions of the originals.

Inspired by the classic titles, the ideal fan-made games persuade you to discover a new world. By making the modest start, you embark on your mission. Be in the action-induced excitement, fight gym leaders, and catch Pokemon!

The best part? You do not pay a single penny for playing these games! So, let’s go through the 7 best Pokemon fan games that run on an emulator.

Pokemon Empyrean

It is time to show that there is no difference between you and your father, Hal, when it comes to conquering malevolence. Your father has already won over the wicked Vordev group in the legendary past of the Omuran region.

However, a few of that group’s followers managed to run away successfully at the time of war and are uniting with a stranger. Above all, your father is in their captivity.

Now, you need to be a courageous Pokemon trainer, as you not only have to save your father but also defeat them forever. With the gameplay duration of over 50 hours, there are eight gyms to conquer.

Pokemon Empyrean fan game

Pokemon Reborn

Want to play something that is not ROM-based? If yes, go for this game. It is not ROM-based, as it is made using the engine of RPG Maker XP. 

This game is named so after the declining city it features. The Reborn City now a polluted area is inundated by different crimes. It is your responsibility as a trainer to restore peace by being the hero. However, you cannot do this all alone. You need to collaborate with other trainers for defeating the criminal organisation in the city.

Pokemon Reborn game

The world is huge but expects you to trigger the known actions. Capture more than 800 Pokemon and fight 18 gyms on the way. With 55 hours of gameplay, this game is among the longest Pokemon fan games. You can take the benefit of Field effects that allows changing the field to make glowing Pokemon easier to spot.

Pokemon Uranium

This is the game for the brave trainers! Get ready to face a nuclear environment where explosions are too common. Hop into this field to save the Tandor region where there are original 150 Pokemon and an atypical Nuclear Type holding mysterious powers and hidden strength.

The atomic adventure starts when a nuclear explosion makes the main hero loses his mother, after which he has to stay with the aunt. Such a Pokemon becomes the distinct Nuclear Type.

pokemon Uranium version

You are set to gain eight badges and overcome the dangerous threat. You can explore the Nuzlocke mode that initiates a personality test to know your first Pokemon and customize the game fully.

Pokemon 3D

This is Pokémon in 3D! Sounds interesting, right? The 3D surroundings are fascinating but the journey is not. You interact and fight in real-time with other Pokémon and trainers coming from different corners of this 3D world.

You get full control over the Pokémon’s fighting sequences and movements. It is also possible to withdraw from any battle or event if you think exhaustion time is too near. While progressing across the striking landscapes, you will enjoy picking your Pokémon for fighting.

pokemon 3D

Although the original website of this game is taken down, you can still play it on the new website.

Pokemon Godra

This game may not be seen too often in the top 5 lists at other places but it deserves to be. This is because it is the only fan-made game that focuses on developing the trainer rather than the Pokémon. As a trainer, you can select from a myriad of mission paths. For instance, you can be a warden, a military general, a leader, and so on.

Apart from new quests and maps, you get two halves of the map to explore namely, Eastern and Western. Each of these halves features its distinct storylines and targets to achieve.

pokemon godra game

Have you ever enjoyed playing the Pokémon versions like Gold, Silver, Red, and Blue? If yes, then Godra can become your favorite game, as it comes with a variety of Pokémon belonging to the official games. Get ready to catch them!

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Made using the Pokémon Essentials Engine for including Pokémon characters and RPG Maker XP, this game features the Hawthorne region that lost the battle and is now under the rule of a dictatorial King.

As a trainer, find and revive the renowned Ho-oh, an entity that will bring in peace and harmony. You venture through new towns and encounter new stories to remain busy for hours.

phoenix rising game

You also enjoy a few striking features that other Pokémon games do not offer. For instance, you can encounter selection-based outcomes, skill trees giving different perks, and a quest system that arranges the events.


How about playing Pokemon as a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game? If this excites you, try PokeMMO. Through this game, you discover three distinct environments, a heroic storyline, and new mysteries. You cooperate with your friends and fight to reveal the identity of the real Pokémon master.

poke mmo

Above all, this game is backed by regular updates and a responsive community. Now, this is a great help to reach the target more effortlessly!

All these Pokemon fan games are adventurous and full of thrilling twists. If you have never played them, try playing them now and see the difference by yourself! So, which one of these you would like to play first? What is your choice?