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What does Heavy Bullets do?

Heavy Bullets is mainly focused on bringing you an all-in-one gaming spot.
This not just includes covering reviews of several games but even brings you the best of settings used by top professionals of the world along with complete setup (gears and gadgets) used by them.
Other than game settings and reviews, we have a news section where we bring to you the latest trends in gaming industry which are updated regularly.
There is a unique buying guide section where most of the top rated gaming gears and gadgets are reviewed on the basis of their performance, quality and preferences/usage by top gamers.
We are constantly working and commit to expand our team and bring even more information at your screens soon.

Is the data on Heavy Bullets accurate?

Being gamers ourselves, we can say that in gaming no setting is strict! Every gamer chooses his own key binds and mouse settings as per his/her convenience to play at the best of his abilities.
We try our level best to find out professional settings by surfing a lot through internet and even by carefully observing the professionals play on twitch and other streaming platforms.
At Heavy Bullets, we are open to all sorts of suggestions and improvements. Our comment section under each and every single setting, review and news is public which means anybody can come and suggest if they feel any player has updated their settings or any information posted by our team has some error.
When it comes to gadgets and gears, we sometimes buy the product ourselves and review and sometimes we go through a lot of forums, communities etc to bring you the best information possible.
Gaming gears used by professionals are sponsored a lot of times hence they keep on changing their gears such as keyboards, mouse, mouse pads, gaming chairs, monitor etc. We keenly observe what setup they use and keep on updating on a regular basis. However, while playing professionally in competitions, they choose what suits them the best and it is a completely subjective choice as per gamer’s convenience.

How does Heavy Bullets make money?

Well, continuously keeping an eye on gaming industry, buying and reviewing different products, purchasing memberships of several communities and forums surely takes a toll on our pocket. We have to maintain a team of writers, gamers, website designers etc to make sure our viewers and readers get everything they need in our site when it comes to gaming.
To support everything we use amazon affiliate program as a source of income and sometimes, advertising.